Dead Space – Weapon Usage Guide (Remake)

My thoughts on Dead Space Remake’s weapons, including best case uses for each individual weapon. This is not a location guide. All opinions come from playing on Impossible Difficulty.

How to Use Weapon

All credit goes to Kastrand, Chief Officer of UMAC!


These are my thoughts on each weapon and how to use them effectively.

Plasma Cutter – Bread and Butter

The Plasma Cutter is every engineers go-to tool for dismemberment. Even when it is not upgraded, it is a potent and accurate cutting tool that can easily dispatch multiple Slashers with ease. Once upgraded, it becomes a beast. There is a reason the Cutter is an iconic weapon.

Best Usage

It’s main downside is taking multiple shots to peel an enemy. Best practice is to pair this with either a Force Gun or Flamethrower. Initiate with a blast from the Force Gun or a spray from the Flamethrower to easily peel back multiple layers and expose bone. At that point, depending on upgrades, your Cutter should take one or two shots to finish off whatever poor necro pissed you off that day.

Pulse Rifle – Boss Killer

The Pulse Rifle is a contentious choice. Many miss the Sprinkler of Death (also known as the ♥♥♥ Everything Around Me Button), but rest assured, its alternate fire in the Remake is just as potent. With high DPS and high accuracy, the Pulse Rifle is a very good choice for the discerning engineer who needs a reliable option for ranged encounters. While each individual shot has low damage, an accurate engineer will land consistent limb shots, leading to easy dismemberment and considerable range.

Best Usage

Honestly, the Pulse Rifle isn’t as terrible as one may think if used in the right circumstances. Its relatively cheap ammo cost per round and large ammo stacks make it good for those times when you just gotta fire down a hallway Aliens style. However, it’s alternate fire gives you a valid reason to choose it. With a high explosive proximity mine, you can blow up and kill most common enemies you encounter. Additionally, it is exceptionally good at dealing with bosses. If you know a boss fight is about to come up. Take this gun and all the ammo you have. It is extremely worth it. The Pulse Rifle pairs well with all weapons as an additional option for longer range encounters.

Flamethrower – Damage Over Time

The Flamethrower is another one of those weapons that gets a bad name from the original. Rest assured, fiery death and destruction never felt so good. With a decently ranged primary spray, a secondary crowd control option via the Firewall, and decent stumble chance combined with a reliable damage over time, the Flamethrower is multiple cuts above the original.

Best Usage

The Flamethrowers alt-fire, the Firewall, causes necromorphs to stop in their tracks on contact, triggering them to scream into the sky and stand in place for a considerable amount of time. Combined with its primary spray, you can do considerable damage with just this weapon alone. The Flamethrower is best paired with the Force Gun (due to its alt-fire) and both cutting tools (Plasma Cutter and Line Gun) for providing an ample amount of peel. Also best used on Dividers once they… well… divide.

Ripper – Surgical Crowd Control

The Ripper is the third and final weapon from DSC that never really found a place in my weapon wheel, but no longer! What the Ripper lacks in damage, it makes up for in effective and reliable crowd contol and high single target efficiency. I will however, recommend against using its alt-fire until fully upgraded.

Best Usage

When wandering the ship in-between missions and exploring previously visited areas, this is the tool I have out and at the ready by default. The Ripper has the single highest ammo efficiency in the entire game, easily and reliably taking only one saw blade to kill an individual Slasher, Lurker, Leaper, or Spitter, especially when upgraded. Furthermore, the Ripper has the uncanny ability of stunning enemies frequently, so it even has use in horde attacks. Unlike the rest of the weapon roster, this tool has no best pairing when it comes to weapons. However, the Ripper is best used in tight hallways with only one direction of attack, or single enemies that are away from the rest of the crowd of necros.

Contact Beam – Obliterator

Do I really need to say much here? It’s the Contact Beam. Point at something and blast it away. Keep in mind, its primary fire is now a beam of energy, and its alt-fire is what its primary fire used to be in DSC.

Best Usage

It kills everything. This is your panic weapon when something needs to die fast. Also effective on Brutes.

Line Gun – Cutter’s Big Brother

The Line Gun. Big. Loud. Incredibly Destructive. Take the Line Gun if you get tired of the Plasma Cutter and want something with a little more heft. It can one tap Slashers (sometimes) if you hit the legs, and its alt-fire projects a beam that cuts anything that passes through it.

Best Usage

The Line Gun is another one of those power weapons, like the Contact Beam. High ammo cost, low ammo count, but whatever you’re shooting with it will die very quickly. Best paired with the Flamethrower. Make use of both alt-fires to make an impenetrable wall of damage.

Force Gun – Hard Crowd Control

The Force Gun is a gravity shotgun. It is straightforward, reliable, and effective. Not much else to say here. Has a new alt-fire this time around. It creates a gravity well!

Best Usage

The Force Gun’s new alt-fire is what makes it truly shine. Swarmed? Shoot it at your feet and run away. Once you catch a bunch of necros in the well, follow up with the Flamethrower and set all your targets alight.

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