Deadburg – Achievements Guide

A guide to compile tips on completing all of Deadburg’s achievements, including the hidden one. This is still very much a work in progress, so constructive feedback is always appreciated.


Zombie Kills

  • 100 Zombies Killed!
  • 1000 Zombies Killed!
  • 10000 Zombies Killed!
  • Juneau That’s Crazy! (hidden)

These are fairly self-explanatory. Kill a lot of zombies, and you will get them automatically. Juneau That’s Crazy! in particular is awarded for killing 32255 zombies.


The easiest way to grind kills is to set the game mode to Defense while turning zombie scaling to 0 and activating Zambo modifier. As far as I observed, harder difficulties spawn more zombies, so set the difficulty to the hardest one you’re confident you can handle. As for the world type, don’t pick Apocalypse, since most zombies will die on that one before even reaching you.

However: Zombies, aside from the waves spawning at night, don’t respawn. Don’t worry, though; achievement progress carries over between saves. Personally, I have found that reaching level 30 just by killing zombies and surviving makes a decent benchmark for starting a new game. At that point, you should have racked up 5000-7000 kills on that map alone.


Items Crafted

  • 10 Items Crafted
  • 100 Items Crafted
  • 1000 Items Crafted

Once again, fairly self-explanatory.


The easiest way to get these would be to get to the industrial district (grey buildings with lots of windows and zig-zagged roofs) and break the crates inside the warehouses to get ingots and gunpowder. With those, you can craft lots of ammunition. 9 mm ammo in particular takes few materials and can be used to quickly grind the achievements.


In order to discover all crafting recipes, you will need to craft each of them once. In the case of guns, dismantling one you find at a gun shop (with a green awning) will also yield the recipe.

Some of the recipes will, however, require experimental polymers. Those can be found in the top shelves at laboratories (flat grey buildings with flat roofs, usually found close to the warehouse district) or on the top floors of hospitals.

Gunpowder, ingots, schematics and gun barrels can be found in crates inside warehouses. Once you raided a few warehouses, you should never be troubled for barrels again.

An alternate way to get schematics is to craft them yourself from paper found in bookshelves, desks or filing cabinets.

Levels and Stats

Leveling up

  • Level 5
  • Level 10
  • Level 20
  • Level 30


To level up quickly, start a world in Defense mode with Zambo activated and zombie scaling set to 0 on normal or hard difficulty. In addition to having more zombies to kill, each night yields an EXP bonus for surviving. In this way, it is possible to reach level 30 within two in-game weeks.

To further speed up the process, spend your free time crafting Police SMGs. Those are easy to make and grant you an additional 300 EXP for each one you craft. Furthermore, if you have maxed out the Artisan and Handyman skills, dismantling one will return almost all of your materials.

Stats and Attributes

  • Statistical
  • Specialization

Stat and Attribute points are awarded for leveling up. Over the course of a game, you will gain a total of 24 Stat points and 29 Attribute points.


Depending on your ability to survive, it is recommended to max out Perception (more ranged damage) or Stamina (more health, more hunger/thirst gain from food and drinks) stats first while playing Defense mode. If you’re unsure, put one point into each of those alternatingly. This will take longer in total, but you’ll get there while staying alive. On Survival mode, go for Stamina or Strength (more item durability) first.

As for Attribute points, Running should be maxed out first on Defense mode. On Survival mode, go for either Artisan or Handyman instead to get more out of your materials. You’ll need them.


Blocks broken

  • Block Scuffer
  • Block Breaker
  • Block Demolisher

These achievements require you to break a large number of blocks. Any sort of block counts, no matter if it’s a window, a window shutter or a “proper” building block. Block Demolisher in particular is the highest tier and pops after 10000 broken blocks.


Get. A. Hammerfork. That’s all.

To get one, you will need to reach level 30 (see above section) and craft or find a heavy sledgehammer first. Afterwards, you can convert that into the Hammerfork using the recipe. If you haven’t discovered it yet, there’s only one recipe using a heavy sledge, so it isn’t hard to find.

Alternately, you can use a medium or heavy sledgehammer. Those break blocks in two hits, so it will still speed up your progress by a fair bit.

Afterwards, start breaking lots of blocks, crafting Hammerforks whenever appropriate and possible. Setting a goal (such as building your own compound) helps to accomplish this.

Game Modes


This one is awarded for surviving your first night (with waves) on Defense mode on any difficulty, with any settings. However, you will only get it if you didn’t die during that night even once.


The easiest way to achieve this is to start a world on easy mode with Zambo activated and zombie scaling set to 0. You will spawn with a gun and unlimited ammo. Two headshots should drop any zombie. Level up to get better guns.

Contrary to what you might expect, however, holing up in a house only makes you an easy target – kite the zombies instead. To do that, clear an area in advance (normal zombies don’t respawn) during the day and use that route to kite the hordes of zombies coming after you at night. Once the clock hits 6:00 AM, you will get a notification that you survived and the achievement will pop.

On The First Day

Convert your Creative mode map to any other game mode.


To do this, first start a new world on creative mode, save it and leave. Afterwards, select it in the save select screen. You will notice that the Convert button is no longer greyed out. Click it, select a game mode and start a game on your world to get the achievement.

Week Or Weak

Survive a week on Last Life mode – simple as that. Except not at all.


Once again, if you’re only after the achievement, start on easy mode, with zombie scaling set to 0. Whether you use Zambo is up to you in this case, since you will be avoiding fighting as much as possible. Setting the duration of a day to 12 minutes can help if you’re confident you’ll make it to safety on time. Note down your starting (in-game) time – it will be important later.

Forage through houses and stores during the day to get enough food. Depending on how high you can push your Stamina stat, you will need a total of 15-30 food items and just as many drinks to stay well-fed at all times. Avoid fights whenever possible.

At night, stay inside and avoid attracting attention. If you have stocked up on enough supplies, you can just spend all seven days inside.

The achievement will pop once the timer reaches your starting time on the 8th day.

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