Deadlink – How to Unlock New Implants

A simple guide to finding and unlocking new Implants.

Unlocking New Implants


As the title suggests, this guide is here to provide some additional information to the process of unlocking implants.

If you saw this message in the codex library:

…and thought it was quite vague and not particularly informative?

Here’s what you’re looking and listening for.

Shiny Bois

After you’ve chosen a door post-combat, make your way through one of the aforementioned hallways.

If you hear a low, beeping melody – one of the nearby destructible environmental objects will contain a bonus implant. The range is approximately 5-10m/15-30ft

Here are some examples of what to look for:

Note the golden particle effects around the item. Simply shoot or bash them to pop them open and claim your implant.

They can be located in rather obscure, tricky locations. This red box was on a wall, high above a doorway.

This camera orb from the second area was embedded on a wall below the floor.

Claim Your Prize

This delightful little fellow will show up once you break the glowing object, and interacting with it will grant you a new implant; both during the run and unlocking for future games.

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