DEATHWATCH – Location of Achievement Entities

This is intended to help those looking to get the “Find the tall boy”, “You could eat his head”, “Do you think it’s designer?”, and “He can’t play out during the day” achievements.

Achievement Entity Locations

“Find the tall boy” aka Slendy

  • Slendy can be found on the North Pines Cabin map in the graveyard. He’ll appear at the top left of the screen stood behind the picket fence.
  • He can also be found in the Driveway behind the fence.
  • He can also be found in Path to the right of the screen.

“You could eat his head” aka Pumpking

  • Pumpking can be found on the Murphy’s Farm map in the living room. He’ll appear on the right of the screen in front of the front door.
  • He can also be found in Attic-2 on top of the backwards facing cabinet.
  • He can also be found in Attic-1 next to the piano.

“Do you think it’s designer?” aka The Suit

  • The Suit can be found on the Hellbound Hospital map in the Entrance. He’ll appear at the top middle of the screen, hiding amongst the trees. He’s quite small but his blue suit makes him stand out.
  • He can also be found in the Operating Room on the left of the screen.
  • Now this one is more difficult. He can also be found in Ward-1 in the pitch black corner of the room. To find him you’ll need to keep an eye on the very subtle shine on the tops of his shoes (Highlighted within the grey circles).

“He can’t play out during the day” aka Frosty

  • Frosty can be found on the UMB LAB map in West Lab 2. He’ll appear sat atop the counter at the top left of the screen.
  • It can also be found in Sampling, stood peering through the second window along the back of the room.
  • It will also appear in Server-Farm peeking into frame.
Written by Hannibal Buress


    • You just have to be patient and wait for them to show up in one of the spots shown above. From what I’ve experienced they don’t disappear until you’ve logged them, so it’s just a waiting game. I left one game running for 3 hours in chill mode before The Suit appeared, while in another I had Slendy be the very first anomaly that showed up, so just be patient and you’ll eventually find them 🙂

  1. This is awesome, thank you! If I just sit and watch one of the spawn locations, will they eventually show up? Or is switching through them the best way to spot them? I have found two so far (Slenderman and Pumpkinhead).

    • Leaving the camera on one of the spawn locations will still have them show up there, but because of the multiple spawn locations they aren’t guaranteed to show up in the one you’re watching. When I was trying to find The Suit spawns I’d leave the camera on Entrance, hoping that he wouldn’t spawn in plain sight and he’d show up somewhere else, but he still kept popping up in Entrance so it’s entirely random 🙂

  2. frosty also has a spawn in server farm;pumpkin in attic 2;the suit in ward 1 (maybe operating room aswell) and slendy can also be found behind the fence in driveway

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