DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This is a guide made by a Deer, for Deer and people who are interested in being devoted to be 100% Deer.

How to Obtain All Achievements

“Story” Achievements

You’ll get these achievements as you progress through the “Story”


  • Get hit by a truck.

Upon starting the game, simply pick the “Be Reborn” Option, or just die lol.

Town Musicians of Bremen

  • Defeat DOGGO.

Cause enough deerstruction to reach level “A” and then fight DOGGO.


  • In order to get these Achievements, you’ll need to go to the second area. How to get into the second area:

After defeating DOGGO, grab his body and drag it onto the dog-labeled button in front of the red Chinese temple. Then step onto the other button in order to open the portal to the second area. Repeat what you did in the first area. In other words, cause havoc until the police gets mad.

13th Deer

  • View the average everyday ending.

Shoot your future self when presented with the option.

The Trudeer Show

  • View the true ending.

Do not shoot yourself and beat “You”

Simple Achievements

You probably won’t even have to look at the guide for this.

Counting Sheep

  • Defeat a total of 100 sheep.

Keep causing havoc.


  • Acquire a total of 30 weapons.

Multiple weapons count too. Just grab everything you see.

Dead or Deer

  • Turn a total of 10 humans into deer.

Walk up to people and press the button that turns them into deer. Up arrow key for keyboard.

The Divine Move

  • Win at Cowthello.

Walk up to the giant cow and play the mini-game with the cow AI. Be aware that it will restart your progress in this area.


  • Clear the Animal Puzzle.

Walk up to the giant… cow…? And solve the puzzle mini-game. Be aware that it also restarts your progress in this area, nor does it take you to the previous one.

Note: You can solve either the easy or the impossible one to get the achievement. My 5 brain cells couldn’t comprehend the impossible one.

Missable / Post Game Achievements

God Disguised as a Cow

  • Ride the Giant Cow.

Get on top of the giant cow that’s in front of the minigame.

Kept You Waiting?

  • Ride Metal Deer.

Ride a VR cow all the way to the Heli station and make it step on the red, cow-labeled button, then step on the deer one yourself.


  • Defeat all the Rhinos.

In the second area, hit the giant rhino until he spawns a smaller one, then repeat the process.

Like a Truck

  • Defeat the Giant Koala.

Arm yourself and shoot the giant Koala hanging from the building in the middle of the first map. The second Koala isn’t necessary for the achievement. You can cheese this by clipping inside of the panda or getting really close so the lasers are unable to hit you.

Big Time Monkey

  • Defeat Big Time Monkey

In the second area, hit the hamsters on the wheels, as well as the humans next to them in order to stop the contraptions. A monkey will then spawn behind you. When you attack it, the boss fight starts. Either fight it normally, or cheese it by going between it’s legs and attacking it’s crotch.


  • Defeat the Giant Fish.

After finishing the game, you will get a dragon. Fly up to the fish and roast it.

100% BEEF

  • Make 4 hamburgers.
  • Using the dragon you get after beating the game, burn 4 cows.
  • You are become DEEEER, bringer of death.
  • Congrations. You’re now a master der. Enjoy.

I am Deeeer

  • Unlock all achievements.

Thanks for reading and have a good time with your newly acquired knowledge!

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