Deep Rock Galactic – All Space Rig Achievements Guide

Please note: All credit goes to King Of Pie!

This guide will show you all the achievements you can get while hanging out in the space rig. Keep in mind this does not include achievements from purchasing upgrades or cosmetics.

How to Obtain All Achievements in Space Rig

Foreign Objects in the Launch bay

  • This one’s pretty easy, you have to kick all barrels on the rig into the launch bay below the drop pod. There are 25 barrels scattered throughout the rig, make sure to check the upper levels

Note: The yellow barrels from the kicking mini game do not count.

The A-Team

  • This one you just have to kick 4 barrels into the drop pod and get them in the seats.

Time Well Spent

  • This one is similar to “Foreign objects in the launch bay”, except this time you are kicking all barrels into the drop pod instead. Best way to do this is to line them up at the ladder and try to kick them up. It can be a bit tricky but you will get the hang of it after getting some barrels in.

Self Control

  • Don’t kick barrels for 10 missions. This is very difficult to do as barrels are fun to kick.

Barrel Rider

  • This one you have to stand on a barrel for 3 seconds. This can be a bit tricky as the barrels like to throw you off. I used one of the barrels in the bar for this as the other barrels held it in place for me.

Big Spender

  • Buy 25 rounds of drinks for you and your friends.

Party Time!

  • 4 dwarfs need to grab a drink from the bar, dance with the jukebox on, and cheer at the same time.

Disk Jockey

  • Play 25 songs on the jukebox start to finish at the bar.

Happy Feet

  • Dance at the bar for an hour. You do not have to do this in one go, it accumulates every time you dance.

Darwin Award

  • Drink to the point of your dwarf stumbling on his own, then jump into the hoop at the barrel kicking mini game.

Barrel Kicker

  • At the barrel kicking mini game, score 10 shots in a row without missing.

That’s not how you play this game

  • Throw a mug into the barrel kicking hoop, Scores you 1 point.

If only I got paid for this…

  • This is probably the hardest achievement on this list. You must score 3000 points in the barrel kicking mini game in under 100 kicks. This may take a lot of practice and time to get. It is possible to get some points for free by throwing mugs into the hoop as it does not count as a kick, but it is only worth 1 point each.
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  1. Trying my best to get all the achievements other than self control. Would be pretty funny imo

  2. The 3000 points is actually pretty easy. Ring has 3 main speeds – slow med and fast, you time it using the right turnaround. Always kick barrel forward, for slow you kick right as it turns, for medium a little bit before it and for fast you can just skip them, lose your streak and after it slows you start scoring again. Got it from 2-nd try after half an hour of timing practice, with 82 barrel shots (first time used 102)

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