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Guide to Specified Mission Type Efficiency


Deep Rock Galactic has several different mission types you could choose to embark on at any given time. Some of these missions are relatively straight forward, and don’t require too much critical thinking to get done. However, a little thinking can go a long way to prevent some later stinking. Here’s a general rundown of specific mission types, relating to who’s best interest it is in to do what. Note: this section assumes your team will have one of each dwarf during a mission. If this is not the case, god help you.

Escort Missions

  • Escort missions are extremely straight forward, quite literally. You ride the dozer in a straight line through a handful of rooms until you reach a big angry rock.
  • It is in the best interest of your team to allow the Scout to comb minerals from the walls of the cave, provided the cave isn’t virtually devoid of bugs. The Engineer would do well to provide platforms to speed up the scout’s mining, and to further buff the team’s mineral count.
  • During moving dozer sections, it would behoove the team for the driller and gunner to stay close to the dozer, fending off bugs and repairing if needed, as they are likely the two most equipped to do so.


  • One of the most common occurrences in Escort missions is a refueling segment wherein each dwarf splits off to go waddle around a different section of the room, without having taken a fuel canister to fill. This is an agonizing happenstance.
  • Between the Power-Drills, Zipline Launcher, and the potential for an Experimental Plasma Charger to be thrown into the mix, the Driller and Gunner make excellent candidates for refueling fuel canisters. The Engineer also being a fine candidate, if the gunner would prefer to anchor the dozer.
  • Oil Shale that has been mined down and dropped to the floor in chunks is easier to pick up! It’ll provide more fuel (typically) to the fuel canister, as well
  • During these times, your neighborhood Scout should probably be doing what he was doing while the dozer was moving: lighting the room and scrubbing the walls clean.
  • That said, get those canisters refueled and fast, because if you’re able to get moving before or just as a swarm appears, you’ll have a smoother ride and considerably less bugs to kill
  • The Heartstone Segment is also rather straight forward. Shoot the rocks, shoot the bugs, break the pillars.
  • Your Gunner can make the most of this fight by using ziplines just above the heartsone and drilldozer, to get better angles on the action.
  • The Gunner can also use any of his 3 primary weapons to shoot the tips off of Heartstone Beamers, saving your team the trouble of having to run out and cut them down from the bottom! Only the tip needs to be destroyed!

On-Site Refining

  • Refinery missions are also relatively straight forward.
  • The only dwarf with a real preferred role is the Driller
  • As stated previously, drilling tunnels to connect pipelines to the refinery is the optimal way to get these missions completed
  • It is not necessary by any means, usually. Sometimes cave-generation will really play hardball, so it comes in handy at times like this to have a Driller with a good head on his shoulders.
  • Other than that, someone to follow not far behind to place/build the pipelines in the Driller tunnels helps the mission setup go even faster


  • Another relatively straight forward mission type.
  • The biggest recommendation here is a Driller running the Cryo Cannon.
  • A cryo driller with a good sense of timing can help take down a dreadnaught in half as many phases as it may take a team without the power of ice on their side.
  • The Engineer can help with some well placed sentries and the prior knowledge that lures have no effect on dreadnaughts!
    Bring in some proximity mines, as these can help with whittling down dreadnaught health, or taking out pesky Sentinels if you’re fighting a Hiveguard.
  • Your gunner should know what he’s doing, and either be built for armor-tearing of weakpoint-shredding. Beyond that it’s just shootin’ bugs.
  • As with the Heartstone battle, ziplines to provide different angles can go a long way, as well as maybe even get you out of trouble! Just watch out for projectiles, as the fall could hurt a fair bit.

Egg Hunts

The most important thing to note about Egg Hunts is that the number of swarms is directly correlated to how many eggs you’ll be hunting:

  • 8 eggs is 3 swarms
  • 6 eggs is 2 swarms
  • 4 eggs is 1 swarm

Each egg has a chance to be a swarm, but these swarm eggs are usually predetermined before the mission starts

You can check more info about Egg Hunts in our another this guide.

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