Deep Rock Galactic – How to Get Out of Bounds as Scout

This is a very simple guide on how to get out of bounds as a scout in Deep Rock Galactic.

Guide to Get Out of Bounds as Scout


Step 1

Start a hazard 1 point extraction mission as scout with a special powder boomstick and hoverclock m1k.

Step 2

Collect all the aquarqs and at least 80 nitra, then trigger the rocket launch, grapple hook onto the top of the rocket, and shoot a flare straight up so you can see when to jump off.

Step 3

Jump off of the rocket as close to the top of the tunnel as you can and do a power attack on the wall to make a ledge to stand on.

Step 4

Dig into the wall a few metres and order a resupply, then back up so you don’t get flattened.

Step 5

When the supply pod arrives, top up your ammo and shotgun jump straight up until you are in an open space.

Step 6

Enjoy flying around and taking screenshots until the drop pod is about to leave, and then fall/ shotgun jump towards the drop pod and use hoverclock to stop yourself from dying of fall damage before getting into the drop pod. Or you could fall forever and try to find karl, but this will result in a pay dock for wasting company time and also probably dying.

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