Deep Rock Galactic – How to Reduce Early Drop Pod Calls

Ever had a leaf lover or an elf join your game and b lining to the call drop pod button as soon as possible without any communication when the secondary objective, helmet, cargo crate or events are still undone on the level? I have tested this 50+ games and this simple trick reduces the possibility of an unwanted early drop pod call to under 2%

Guide to Reduce Early Drop Pod Calls

The Trick

Step 1

Paint and right click and select copy or paint and press Ctrl + C the following text:

Please ask your team if ready before calling a drop pod by entering “r” to the chat.

Step 2

  • When hosting a game, when someone joins.
  • Press enter to open the chat.
  • Ctrl + v.
  • Then enter.

Simple, Works.


Since i started playing i have always hosted my own games and about 1 in 4 games got elfed by a leaf lover. That is 25%.

i have tested in 50+ (and counting) games to Ctrl + v the message always when someone has joined my game and i can by the time of writing this only remember 1 time that someone has called the drop pod early. That is <2%.

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