Deep Rock Galactic – The Fastest Method to Farm Events and Get Overclocks

The point of this guide is to tell new players the fastest way to farm events.

The Strategy

Start up a length 3 mission of one of the following on Hazard 1.

  • On-Site Refining
  • Point extraction

(If those two aren’t on the map you can use these as alternatives)

  • Salvage Operation
  • Egg Hunt

Run around the map and search for the event,If you don’t find it abandon the mission and try again.

Once you complete an event and get the rewards just abandon the mission since you dont have to complete the mission to get the rewards.

Event rewards are given to you even if you abort the mission.

Why Does Mission Length Matter?

The spawn chance for events is determined by length:

  • Mission length 1 is 15%
  • Mission length 2 is 20%
  • Mission length 3 is 35%

Why These Maps?

They are the smallest map seeds which makes it easier to find the event since you don’t have to search that much surface area.

Why Hazard 1?

Event spawn rates are not altered by hazard levels, that is why you can do Hazard level 1.

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