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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deflector?

  • Deflector is a non-linear action roguelite where the main mechanic is deflecting the bullets that the enemies shoot at you.

What is Arrowfist Games?

  • Arrowfist Games is a small spanish indie studio currently working on his first big videogame: Deflector.

What is the difference between Specimen Zero and Deflector?

  • Deflector is an experiment that takes place in a laboratory, but what is the experiment about is a thing you will need to discover as you play through the microworld of Deflector.
  • Specimen Zero, Specimen One… This are experiments that took place before the Deflector experiment, where you will be able to get to know more about what is going on in Deflector and why. Specimen experiments not only will shed some light into Deflectors plot, but will let you play through the experiments with new gameplay variants and see what were the results.

How can I get the Specimen Zero skin?

  • So as to unlock the skin, you just have to beat Specimen Zero at least once. Not so hard right? Hehe

How can I get the Specimen Zero skin to Deflector?

  • The skin will be available to select on the character selection screen. Easy peasy.
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