Deluge: Sermon for the Dead – Walkthrough for Unlocking Ending Routes (Early Access Game)



This is the walkthrough for Deluge: Sermon for the Dead. As this game is currently in early access, there are no individual ending routes to unlock. To reach perfect scores for each character pair, you should make decisions as described below.

Marisa & Ina

Part 1

  • 1. ‘Of course I can.’
  • 2. ‘Most definitely not!’

Part 2

  • 3. ‘You can count on me.’
  • 4. ‘Don’t be a nuisance. Let her have the room.’

Rika & Mei

Part 1

  • 1. ‘I’d love to!’
  • 2. ‘Just for once.’

Part 2

  • 3. ‘What time do we leave?’
  • 4. ‘Ina, stop the presses.’
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