Demonologist – Discover Your Fate: A Guide to Tarot Cards and the Ouija Board

A quick guide on each effect of the Tarot cards and how to use the Ouija board.

Tarot Cards and the Ouija Board Guide

Understanding Tarot Cards and Where to Find Them

Tarot cards are powerful tools that can influence your fate when drawn. Their effects vary depending on the card and can significantly impact what happens to you next. There are a total of 10 unique cards, and each deck allows for 10 draws. It is possible to draw the same card multiple times; for example, ‘The Void’ is the most common card.

The decks are randomly placed across the map but can typically be found on tables, easily visible to players. You can discover them on all three maps.

Utilize this guide to enhance your gameplay and assist others in better understanding the role of using the Tarot cards in the game.

Tarot Cards Effects

Tarot Card / Effect

  • Death – Triggers Hunt, entity attacks.
  • Void – Placeholder; draw another card.
  • Flame of Fate – Raises/lowers Sanity.
  • Moon – Lowers Sanity.
  • Sun – Increases Sanity.
  • Guillotine – Kills card holder.
  • The Devil – Boosts entity’s paranormal activity.
  • Aggressive – Heightens entity’s aggression.
  • Slave – Prevents entity from changing rooms.
  • Angel – Revives dead teammate.

Communicating with the Ouija Board: Usage and Key Commands

The Ouija Board, like tarot cards, spawns randomly in the game. It typically materializes on the floor and emits a blinking effect, making it highly unlikely for one to be overlooked.

The Ouija Board allows communication with ghosts and lets you ask basic questions about their location or age. However, it also drains your sanity even when not in use, so be sure to drop it once you’re done communicating. If the board breaks, the entity becomes provoked and may initiate a hunt.

Currently, there are only a few known commands for the Ouija Board. If you discover more, please feel free to share them. The known commands include:

  • Are you here?
  • Where are you (This is the most important one to use)?
  • How old are you?
  • When did you die?
  • Goodbye (Failing to say this may provoke the entity and trigger a possible hunt).

It’s recommended to use it as a last resort if you’re unable to locate the entity, as the Board can provoke the entity and lower your sanity. Alternatively, you can use it to speedrun a game if found early.

Use the Ouija Board wisely and exercise caution while interacting with it.

Helpful Tips

Tarot Cards

  • Using Tarot cards while playing solo is not recommended, as most cards have negative effects.
  • A crucifix can help when a hunt is triggered, but the guillotine card will still be lethal.
  • If you draw the Moon card, which can reduce your sanity to 0, consider risking another draw in hopes of getting the Sun card.
  • Saving Tarot cards can be beneficial if a teammate has died, as you have the chance to draw the Angel card for revival.
  • Ouija Board
  • In Easy mode, the Ouija Board is a valuable tool early on, and using it correctly should not significantly impact the game. However, using it in Normal or Hard mode is not advised due to the significant sanity drain and increased difficulty.
  • If a hunt is triggered through the Ouija Board and the entity is far away, be prepared to run, as it may take some time for the entity to reach you.
  • Hiding is possible on the 2nd and 3rd maps; while it’s uncertain for the 1st map, running through the kitchen and living room can help.

This is purely speculative, but the Void card might be related to the mysterious Mary room on the 2nd map, based on the riddle posted by the devs on Twitter! So far, no one has managed to unlock the door, and it remains uncertain whether it’s actually possible to do so or if it’s merely an Easter egg referencing Bloody Mary.

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