Desktopia: A Desktop Village Simulator – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

I thought this game could be played idle, but every-time I go away my village burns down?

  • On the HELP menu switch the game to idle mode. Alternatively, make sure you have a fireman.

My villagers keep starting fires and stealing things. How do I stop them?

  • Villagers only commit crime when they are sad. You can:
  • Work on fulfilling their needs over the longterm.
  • Throw a festival.
  • Check the serfs menu to see if something is troubling the villagers, and offer them a pep-talk.

My villagers aren’t dropping gratitude?

  • A villager needs to have an overall happiness of above 50% before they start dropping gratitude. Use the safe/early part of each level to get your villagers happy.

My troops take too long to walk the village length after re-spawning. How do I make them faster?

  • On later levels you can use the Tele-Portal to force a re-spawn point of your choosing.
  • You can use War-Cry at any time to summon all available troops to your location at max running speed.

I’m on level 4?

  • Build a Rifle Range early!

What should I build first?

  • For the first part of each map the enemies take little notice of you. You can use this time to either fulfil your villager’s needs, create the infrastructure for high gold earning, or build an army. Depending on weather conditions, your starting building, and the position of the Monster Grove, you’re going to want to play each level differently.

I can see Gold and Gratitude, are their any other resources?

  • Yes. Space and Time. You only have so much space on each map, so choose your building’s wisely. The larger your village gets the more attention you get from the enemy, so be prepared.

Is having one villager need fulfilled better than another?

  • No. But completely filling a specific need gives the villager bonus happiness. Food need fulfilled, for example, gives a 5% happiness bonus. An empty need can do the opposite once your village is a certain size.

My villagers have diseases, help?

  • Diseases are spread by Tunnelers. You can ward these off with music from your pipe, or by building a radio station. You can also position wisps throughout you village. They will help kill Tunnellers and put out any fires they start.
  • To cure villagers of diseases you need alchemists and hospitals.

I keep having to run up and down my village to collect gratitude and gifts?

  • Congratulations you’re doing well. Build a postman to collect them for you!

I can’t beat the stronghold boss?

  • Build heroes, upgrade your troops to riflemen or troopers, and use War-Cry to coordinate attacks.d

I keep getting graphical hiccups when playing?

  • This can happen when the SERFS menu updates. If you’re running about in full-play mode, we advise closing the Serfs window.

Should I Move On after beating the boss, or continue to upgrade my village?

  • You should definitely stick around until the following morning, just so the Gold from defeating the boss gets added to your average. You may also want to wait around and see what comes down the road now the Stronghold is gone. It can help you prepare for the next level.
  • There is also an advantage in building more Berry Cutters or blacksmiths as the bonus carries over levels.
  • Non-growing villages have a tendency to stagnate however, so if you stick around too long you may see your daily average plummet: meaning less gold for the next level!
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