Destiny 2 – How to Complete Grasp of Avarice

A simple guide on how to beat the new Grasp of Avarice Dungeon.

Guide to Beat Grasp of Avarice


Weapons and your Loadout is primarily up to you. However, it is recommended you bring High Damage dealing weapons such as Threaded Needle, 1,000 Voices or even Sleeper to deal efficient damage. Also look at your team to benefit off the seasonal perks which may benefit additional damage.

Starting Encounter

Approach the cave and kill ads, they will drop engrams which you need to place near the bunch crystals inside the cave, you will see alot of these, it’s that simple…

You will need around 50 Engrams deposited. You will hear a distinct Crystal clashing Sound which means it’s time to progress forward!

Doors and Platforms

For the Jumping puzzles, this comes to trial and error, as well as remembering where everything is. Look for switches that activate doors and panels, and watch out for Floor Panels which spring traps. Activate switches which open doors and main panels and continue further ahead.

You will approach a dam like area which have 8 doors, every time you flick a switch, the door you came in from will close, and a new one will open, This encounter has two rooms which needs a Main Switch to be flicked to continue. You should be going to and from rooms in a Z like pattern.

You will then approach a Silo area, which requires switches to be activated, this time it’s not difficult, find the open room and flick a switch. There will be a Generator which requires a Scorch Cannon to activate, Shoot and hold your shot until you hear it click twice, which will fully charge the generator, This will be done alot.

Orge Boss Room

In this room, you will encounter an Orge which requires 30 Engrams to be deposited to break its shield.

Using the Scorch Cannon, shoot and hold until you hear the 2nd charge go off, on Glowing power terminal which will open the door that’s connected. Clear ads and deposit Engrams into the Crystal in the center, repeat this for the opposite side. Once the Crystal has Gleamed (Visually) you will get a message to notify you to start damage phase, you will have 30 seconds. Unload into the boss. Repeat if needed.

Sparrow Run

You will rush through a short but exciting segment which requires mines to be defused, these take less than a second, so keep driving. However, in your run, look for Time Extension Sensors which will help increase the time of when the mines blow up, causing a wipe.

Shield Room

A shield is stopping you to getting to the final Boss, in this huge area, you must Kill Servitors and Launch them via the Gravity cannon.

Grab a Scorch Cannon, and shoot the Power terminal which doesn’t need a held shot. Find the servitor and repeat the previous method of removing the shield with the Crystal, you will require 20 to break the shield. Once you have killed the servitor, roll it down to the cannon and align with the Glowing Points and launch the servitor. Do this 4 times. A simple encounter, but lengthy.

Final Boss Room

In this last room, you will require to deposit 60 Total Engrams to start Damage Phase, be careful as there are alot of ads.

Same mechanic you’ve been doing all game, however ads do not drop engrams. grab the scorch cannon, fire at the Glowing Terminal and engrams will drop from the East, South and West side of the room (Facing towards the boss), in total, you can obtain 30 Engrams, and deposit them. Becareful for the Elite Level Minions which can hit like a truck, so it’s best to deal with those first.

The Shank will melt you if exposed, however, the Other minion will drop 10 Engrams.

Deposit the Engrams and deal damage from the center, you will have 30 seconds to deal as much damage, Rinse and Repeat until defeated!

Congratulations! You beat the Dungeon! Happy 30th Anniversary!

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  1. This dungeon is very doable solo and can be done in 90 minutes or so. The key is to take your time on the two boss fights, which will take a combined 50-60 minutes

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