Destiny 2 – Master Vault of Glass Tips

Pretty much just me saying don’t run double primary in master Vault of Glass a bunch of times.

Entrance to Master Vog

Normally i run Heritage Div and a void machine gun the machine gun. I use void mg to break void shields then div to form a semi bubble and then swap to heritage and one tap it.

I stack 4x anti praetorian mods to get roughly 35 percent of my super back per praetorian kill that way i can thundercrash the cyclops on my side when it spawns but if you are on other classes these mods are insanely good nonetheless you can use them to spam supers i.e spam wells or bubbles or chaos reaches etc.

To be completely honest Entrance is the easiest test on how long your master vog run is going to take also a great indicator on if you should stick with the group (i stick with the bad groups nonetheless because i apparently hate myself). You can run pretty much whatever in master vog but you just gotta treat it like its endgame content i.e do your mods accordingly and no double primary because that is a crime against society. Seriously if you run double primary in master vog you are a criminal, straight up stupid.

For entrance tho as long as you have good coordination between yourselves you will be fine i normally wipe out all Cyclopses and Praetorians so my team mate can focus purely on trash ads and then we team shot the overloads but luckily with div my teammate can melt with pretty much any weapon. div and a team mate with a linear is great but any fusion is goated because particle is nutty.

If you got a team mate running witherhoard and like a fusion or witherhoard and a linear ask them to just use the fusion or linear and not witherhoard the champ its legit a waste of time and ammo. Speaking of witherhoard its great for ad clear in entrance meaning you can run a linear or a fusion for pure damage on overloads.

In master vog never take off protective light straight up its a life saver. Taking charge+ shield break charge and protective light are the best combo of charged with light mods in master vog.

If you use high energy fire instead of protective you are a clown. (some 1389 gamer probably laughing reading this) void + concussive or solar+ concussive are pretty much the best combo and if some carrot tells you to cap your frames IN MASTER VOG call them a potato cos its legit stupid. Why would you willingly cap your frames in endgame content its legit meant to be hard ???? fudge the 1360 carrot that told my team to cap frames at 30 for master vog because its “necessary”

If you decide to try my loadout remember to use shotgun dex for heritage.


Swords are high key nutty in master vog but do not be a carrot and try to 1v1 a wyvern in confluxes just because you have passive guard on.

Speakin of Passive guard is a necessity if you are running swords in master vog.

Why Passive Guard is important when running swords in master Vault of Glass!

If you run lament you can pretty much solo left or right side ads + barrier just by spawn camping them. Lament is great for barriers throughout the raids. I don’t run lucent blade but you can if you want that extra charge rate. If a Wyvern is sacrificing and is half health you can solo with lament 3 lights and a heavy (revved up of course) Lament also negates the hob regen so legit no vex is safe from your wrath.

Any arc sheild weapon is good here but plug one with reservoir burst is S+ tier its so good for ad control and arc shield harpies. Igniton with blinding is great to clear ads but also to get revives if they are surrounded. Its also good as an ad clear weapon as plug one burns ammo pretty fast so you can kill solo or trash ads that are alone with ignition. Lament + 1k is a great combo on either left or right because the 1k runner can go overload and its easy pickings.

In confluxes never run double primary because that’s a criminal offence. Seriously its a bad idea you carrot.

Double special is great for sword runners because you also get more heavy drops which allows you to burn lament on trash ads more.

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  1. Im new to destiny and nobody responds to anything game related. I’ve had a few replies to jokes or memes but nothing helpful. Thanks for the guide!

  2. I agree. I wish people used chat more often atleast in tower or nightfalls/strikes.
    Ive had new players constantly try to use chat to ask something and noone ever replies.
    I have to tell them that noone uses chat in this game which kinda makes them sad.
    It takes away the mmo aspect.
    Other mmos have a world chat or trade chat or atleast new player chat to interact with other players. Wish we had those here in d2.

  3. I had no idea this was available in game, I never looked it up even though I always thought it would be useful. Thanks

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