Destiny 2 – Revenant (Stasis Hunter) Melee Spam Build with Grenade Spam Option

This short guide provides a single setup for a melee ability spam build specifically designed for the Revenant subclass. It is not recommended for use in the highest difficulty activities. It is best used to complete Stasis ability or Melee bounties or for clearing mid or low difficulty activities with extremely large groups.

Guide to Stasis Hunter Melee Spam Build

All credit goes to Xorik!

Mods, Aspects, and Fragments


  • Spawns Wells matching your subclass element on melee final blows.
  • Well-spawning mods stack and spawn an additional Well.
    • Two Melee Wellmakers normally don’t stack and produce only one Well, but this mod lets them stack to spawn two and an additional third Well through Bountiful Wells.
  • Grants additional energy to the lowest charged ability upon picking up a Well. Stacks with itself.


  • The primary means of spawning Stasis Shards to restore melee energy through the fragment Whisper of Hunger.
  • Adds an additional slot versus choosing the remaining Aspects and gives the enhanced grenade.


  • Conduction has the convenient Resilience boost and the Stasis Shards tracking so you don’t have to run through the Shards.
  • Fractures tops of missing melee energy.
  • Refraction helps you regain dodge quickly, and with Wells spawned, you will have it back after a kill. Gambler’s Dodge can give you back a melee charge in the event you use both charges but unsuccessfully kill enemies.
  • Durance is not mandatory, but it increases slow duration, which gives you a longer window to trigger Refraction or to freeze targets with a second source of Stasis slow.
  • Hunger is your primary melee restoration when collecting Stasis Shards produced by defeating frozen targets.

Exotic Armor Choices

  • The safest choice. Allows you to collect Wells and Shards after dealing melee ability final blows without get attacked. Also restores moderate amounts of health and shield on melee ability final blows.
  • Can be used with Duskfield Grenade for frequent damage reduction. Stasis Shards from Grim Harvest won’t recover grenade energy, but the Stasis Wells created and the rate at which they are produced will be enough to recharge the grenade in less than 10 seconds, even with an extremely low Discipline stat.

How It Works

Your main targets are any enemies who can be defeated in a single shuriken hit or two hits. This kill yields Shards and Wells which you can then pick up to regain your lost melee energy. With two Melee Wellmakers and Bountiful Wells producing three Wells and the Shards produced with them, you should fully regain a melee charge. If not, Whisper of Fractures can recharge the missing energy. Your dodge can be used to regain a charge, but you should only need to do this if you throw two consecutive shurikens. Well of Restoration helps restore your grenade which can assist in freezing and killing frozen enemies, allowing you to produce Stasis Shards when you don’t have your shuriken available.

To produce several Wells and increase their effectiveness, I use two Melee Wellmakers, one Bountiful Wells, and two Well of Restoration. The Well count and Well of Restoration can give your grenade back after two melee final blows while giving a full melee charge back every time you defeat an enemy.* You can exchange a Melee Wellmaker and Well of Restoration for other mods, such as Protective Light and Elemental Charge, for use of this build in mid-high level content. Keep in mind that doing so reduces Wells spawned and their effectiveness, resulting in less ability spam.

*Melee Wellmaker has an invisible 3 second cooldown. Consecutive kills within that duration will not produce Wells.


I only made this guide because I don’t see it anywhere, and I think this build is still relevant. It’s just not good enough for the heavily sought endgame content, so hardly anyone uses it.

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