Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed – General Survival Tips for the Aspiring Invader

This guide exists to provide some general survivability tricks and tips to newer or older invaders who might be struggling with the planet Earth’s defenses, those blasted humans.

Getting Started

This guide isn’t a 100% assurance you won’t die this is merely meant to provide some tips and tricks you might not know or realize can be utilized for better chances of survival. Now i am no master of DAH2 (Destroy All Humans 2) but i have played the game far too much in the past when i owned the original DAH2 I beat it like 10+ times every time 100%ing it so I think I have a good idea of what helped me survive. This guide is made by a spur of the moment decision and I might come back to edit it if I think of anything else later.

Using the Jetpack

Now in my experience with DAH where we didn’t have the S.K.A.T.E. we had to use the jetpack as our primary form of avoiding incoming hurt. This takes a bit of practice but when you learn how to use it you can avoid a good majority of incoming pain but, the trick is simply never stop moving in the air after all the Furon homeworld gave us a jetpack for a reason. I’d suggest experimenting with the jetpack’s mobility a bit it’s far easier in DAH2 to use for mid air dodging then in the original.

A trick I use is essentially strafing left and right, as if you were trying to avoid gunfire normally in any other game where you’d go left or right then swap suddenly in hopes of the enemy firing at your old location but, now we do this mid air with the jetpack but since we have vertical movement now as well it gets more complicated.

So i’d suggest try to use the jetpack solely to keep your elevation or let it drop to go back to your old elevation for a bit to get used to the speed of the upward velocity and the downward drop via gravity. When you feel comfortable try to mix in some strafing or movement in varying directions while maintaining your elevation while keeping your aim centered.

Now if we’ve gotten this far we can start experimenting with trying to stay airborne but keep moving quickly while keeping our aim centered as this will be important in a gun fight with humans or other.

Now by no means is this a get out of jail free card but it should hopefully help you to avoid incoming fire as when you start to understand how to use the jetpack in mid air to strafe and change elevation quickly it becomes a lot easier to survive.

Using Free Love Some Time to Recover

This one is harder to pull off in a gunfight but can theoretically be done. This trick is simply use your free love to make every human start dancing uncontrollably it provides a safe few seconds to let your shields start to recharge and to get rid of some more pesky enemy types such as minigun wielding soldiers or rocket men.

I don’t really have much more to say on this as it’s pretty simple given how free love works. I suppose you could get a human to follow you during this time so there is one less gun on you as well. This could also lead into the next section below.

Using Bodysnatching a Temporary Shield

This one is useful to save your self in a real dire situation. If you can manage to bodysnatch a human and then get away behind a wall or something you can drop the human and let your shields recover out of immediate threat.

You could also use the human as a temporary shield while to fight with your psychokinesis though I am not sure if the DAH2 Original punishment for having your human body run out of health still exists in this remaster yet. In DAH2 original should your human body drop to 0 hp Crypto would be ejected and knocked down.

Written by Thanatos

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