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How to Obtain Am I Being Detained Achievement


If you’re like me and saw DXR’s 255 achievements and thought you’d have a crack at it, one of the first ones you saw was the achievement, ” Am I Being Detained “. This achievement caused me and alot of other players some trouble, and I haven’t seen a good guide for it yet so I thought I’d write it.


In truth “Am I Being Detained” is not very hard, but it IS pretty stupid. I’ve searched question and answer pages all over the internet of people not getting this achievement after supposedly knocking out all 42 enemies, they all mention the same thing: a dead NSF terrorist in the general area of the dock gate, near the security robot. Now the level DOES have a dead NSF terrorist in it, in front of the UNATCO base, but it’s entirely window dressing, unavoidable, don’t worry about it.

Whats’s happening is that the games pretty shoddy 2000 AI will have enemies retreat sometimes, this is very noticeable with the mini-crossbow’s tranquilliser rounds. Sometimes enemies will approach the UNATCO security bot near the dock gate, and get blown the ♥♥♥♥ out. You can actually see this in real time by shooting an NSF terrorist on the North Dock from the top of the tower. It’s pretty likely that they’ll run out of the dock and get wiped by the robot.

Contrary to what I thought, this robot is actually on your side lmao, so what do we do? Kill him!

We can use three methods for this:

Method 1: Barrels

This is how I did it personally. Run right up to the dock gate area at the start of the level, try not to alert anyone, and if you do, knock them out so that they don’t run towards the robot. There’s two explosive barrels on either end of the dock gate, push them together into the robot’s path. Get nice and far away, and when the robot walks past them, shoot them with your pistol, and BOOM! Got em! From here on it’s smooth sailing, just knock the rest of the guys out, and capture the Commander alive.

Method 2: EMP

In the UNATCO HQ area you can go to at the start of the game, you can unlock the hatch behind the cabin with a lockpick, and get an EMP grenade. You can use this alternatively to blow up the robot.

Method 3: GEP Gun

You can use the GEP Gun to blow up the robot too, but to get the GEP gun you need to get it from Paul at the south dock where you start. Surprisingly I think this is the worst method, because accepting the GEP Gun means you don’t get the mini-crossbow, which will make the rest of the achievement much harder.

If you’re still missing guys try:

  • The bunker with the broken generator underground, theres 1 guy in here.
  • The middle balcony of the Statue, I missed this floor my first time because there’s no direct entrance to it from the inside, you have to go onto the balcony above or below it, and then walk up or downstairs.
  • Try looking from the top of the tower, you get a very good view from up here and if you hug the walls you can look over the wall from the very top without triggering the conversation with the commander. Talking to him will trigger the UNATCO troops to clean up the rest of the NSF guys lethally so make sure you quick save before you go into the commanders room.
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