De’Vine: Heavenly Acres – Useful Tips and Tricks

Little nuggets of wisdom I’ve collected while playing this game that I’d like to pass on to any newer players.

Tips and Tricks


Fishing early on can get you treasure chests that can contain seeds and other valuables. If you see sparkles, use either a hoe or fishing pole (on water) to get some loot.

There are fruit trees and regular trees. Fruit trees are either the short, squat, and rounded trees or the ones that look like palm trees. Bugs will start flying from it if your chopping one.

Shops restock over time and become more prosperous as you buy and sell to them. This means when they make money, they get new items. The town general store sells different items on different days of the week. Monday is the day she sells seeds. You can also go to the castle market for seeds. There is also another shop to the east that changes inventory based on the day, but she keeps odd hours.

Check the billboard for any sales or events. Npcs will also gather at any store having a sale.

Some temple dungeons can have npcs that need rescuing. They also hold chests you can open.

Getting first place in a festival nets you a gold chest and money. If you want, you can keep these and save scum their contents. Or you can sell them for a hefty sum. The fish festival’s fish trader hangs out in front of the carpenter.

Most buildings can be upgraded, but this only changes the look and allows you to use special items to change its look further. The hammer can be used to increase the space inside, however.

Any animals that you have can be save scummed to ensure a male and female. Chicken eggs are a fantastic revenue source as they sell for 2 coins apiece. You get a lot of them every day from your chickens. Any pig babies you have sell more for their meat than as a pig. If you see any Kirins, get them ASAP! They provide a steady supply of thread that can either be sold for good money or converted into a lot of fiber and essence.

Wild animals have different movement speeds and escape times. They can flee mid chase, so be quick! The scythe has a wide attack range, but the ax does more damage.

If you really need the essence, you can feed dicoum any elemental essence to get 5 apiece. It costs 7 to craft it back.

When in dungeons, you may see glowing plants or odd shaped rocks. Harvest them for essence and special ores. The thunder dungeon, once open, has nodes that drop gold instead of stone. Any bombs you use light up past your vision range. This can give you a brief glimpse of the exit if your close enough to it.

If two resource nodes are close enough, you can hit them both with a single swing. Provided they take the same tool.

Beware the taxes. Only sell in the town to keep them low.

Player Stats

Food buffs from food applies a percentage of the buff if it doesn’t restore all the energy and hunger that a food is supposed to restore. Half as much is buffed at no energy gained, which is reduced again when hunger is filled over 90 and stops at 100. These buffs last 1 in game hour before they start degrading.

Try to stay below 90 hunger as any hunger restored over 90 restores half as much energy. Try to also balance around having over 50 hunger to avoid stat penalties.

There is an energy recovery soft cap that will give diminishing returns on energy restored from food. Stay up too long and you’ll start draining 5 energy every few seconds. If you pass out, you start the next day with low hunger, energy, and a severe energy debuff. Coffee is a great food for staying up late.

The hunger buff in the bottom right corner drains your hunger bar. Which is good! This means more food and more energy.

The energy buff reduces costs by a percentage of the shown amount. Some drinks can temporarily raise this. You slowly gain a penalty when overusing a tool, especially the scythe. The penalty will slowly dissipate over time.

Be mindful of season temperature and rainy days. Use equipment to maintain a balanced temperature to avoid an energy penalty and get an energy buff instead. Food can also regulate temperature, but that requires some unnecessary micromanagement when it doesn’t last that long anyway.

Charisma increases success when talking to misfits for raising their affection. It also slightly affects shopkeeper prices. Charisma elixirs are the cheapest to make, so strength, agility, intelligence are more valuable to start with. Jasmine, as the best charisma food, buffs it by a whooping 10 points.

Buff intelligence before harvesting your crops for a larger harvest. This also affects animals. Similarly, buff strength or agility when mining, reaping, or chopping wood. Strength also raises your weight limit.


Sunflower bread is a great food item to craft and sell. It only requires wheat (turned into flour) and sunflowers to sell for 10 coins a pop. Foods like meat can also be cooked into simple dishes for a small increase in value.

All fireplaces can cook food like a campfire. A profession’s shop will have their work station there when you want to craft on the spot.

The energy reduction buff also applies to crafting and never decreases because time is paused. With drinks like Windscar and Tenoch’s Jolt, you can break 100% reduction and not lose any energy whatsoever. You also do not gain any profession xp without spending energy, so keep that in mind.

Blacksmithing is not profitable if you buy the ingredients to make the items. It does allow you to recoup costs when you sell old equipment. Carpentry can make money, but you are trading your hard earned resources for gold that you’d get from other sources anyway.


The move stats in order are Attack (how much damage), Intellect (How much status inflicted), Accuracy, Energy Cost, and Number of Strikes

Higher tier monsters require more experience to level up. This means it takes more energy per level and requires more food. This results in a stronger monster over time. You can know the tier by the essence costs in the monster masher.

Personalities affect growth rate. Be mindful you don’t have a bad one.

  • Content: No advantages ; No disadvantages.
  • Defensive: -30% Atk gains; +30% Def gains.
  • Tactical: -10% HP, Atk, Def, & Agi gains; +20% Int & Spi gains.
  • Aggressive: -30% Def gains; +30% Atk gains.
  • Cautious: -20% Agi & -5% Atk & Int gains; +10% HP, Def, Spi gains.
  • Paranoid: -20% HP, Agi gains; +20% Def, Spi gains.
  • Determined: -20% HP & -10% Def & Spi gains; +20% Agi & +10% Atk & Int gains.
  • Tranquil: -20% Atk & -10% Def & Agi gains; +30% Spi & +10% HP gains.
  • Relentless: -20% Def, Spi, Luk gains; +20% Atk, Int, & Agi gains.
  • Merciful: -30% Atk & Int gains; +30% Luk & 15% Def & Spi gains.

Using essence to level gives stats and xp equivalent to 10 energy used and restored, so don’t be afraid to use them for new monsters.

Some food recipes give better or worse stat gains per energy. Bacon and Mayonnaise are particularly good. Flasks should be saved for your favorite creature as it gives stats without affecting its level, making it stronger against wild, scaled encounters.

Retreat skills only swap with the 3rd monster in your party.

Any status burst will remove all other statuses and make the creature temporarily immune to new ones until the burst has ended. Status effects are applied at the start of a creature’s turn. This includes stat debuffs like paralyze that are carried over until the creatures next turn, even if the debuff icon is removed this turn. Monster status is maintained even when swapped in battle. Retreat skills providing a buff are not useless.

The earth buff grants a individual 2% chance of being attacked per stack.

Any stat gains that aren’t whole numbers are maintained. The display only rounds the stats to be easier to see and not clutter the screen with decimals.

To quote from the developer: AI targets high attack, more vulnerable, monsters first. But wild monsters have a chance to attack randomly.

Another quote: Your monsters and enemies get another action IF the combination of agi(lity) is double the opponents combination.

Fellow Misfits

Some misfits are active at night instead of during daylight hours.

Charisma is needed to increase relationship, denoted by yellow glow. Yellow dialogue can raise points, but jokes can fall flat and lower affection instead. The better their mood, the less conversation energy used. If it empties, you cannot speak again that day. Every time you bring up the dialogue menu will drain a small amount of this energy.

All misfits sell items, but they also have items not for sale. Check the exchange menu for them. Sometimes they will decide to sell some of them. You can take these from them with a skill check. You will lose renown if you do this, and also gain bounty if you fail.

You can get affection by gifting items with the exchange menu. One item a day can be given unless it is their favorite item. Then you can give them one at a time and continue to get more points. Their favorite items give 1 point and the first item of the day gives 1 point.

Misifts will slowly lose relationship points over time and when you talk to other misfits. Like losing touch with a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Sometimes they will want to interact with you by telling you in the mail. If you don’t, you lose a couple of points.

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