Devour – How to Complete the Farmhouse (Nightmare Mode)

Guide to Complete the Farmhouse

First off i heavily reccomend using the perk “Fully Charge” which gives you 20 seconds of free usage of UV after using a battery.

After Spawning jump over the fence and turn right you will see about 3-4 hay’s.

Take one and head to the altar.

When you arrive at the altar you will need to collect the gas cans you will see one at the front of the house.

One next to the cage key, and one at the box on top of a box in the path to altar.Collect every single hay on the outside.

After you collect all the hay’s unlock the cage key, get the basement key and wake up the Anna.

Collect gas cans while you are searching for keys, you will need 7 because you already found 3 at the beggining.

If you find Battery’s just put them on the middle of different corridors and rooms it will be easier to find.

After you collect all the enough resources you can start burning goats.Have Fun hope it helps.

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