Diablo IV – How to Effectively Farm Gold and Items

How to Effectively Farm

This is a guide of how to effectively farm gold and items while you are playing. This method can also be used to help level your alts.

What you do is grab your second controller and bring in your alt.

That is all. That simple.

Your alt will just auto warp to you and follow you around so you can just set it and forget it.

While you smash everything with your main the item and gold drops will auto sort out when picked up liked they did in Diablo 3.

Your alt will also gain exp and level up which is helpful!

At the end of your run or when you are fulled up. Just trade the items and gold from your alt to your main.

This will effectively double your gold and items.

I’m not sure if more than 1 alt can be used (I think it may be two max) but its a 100% multiplayer for gold and items per alt on screen.

I hope you found this guide useful and enjoyable and the information within it helps you decide if this game is fun for you.

Oh yes, sorry PC players. This console only. If you want double gold and items you must buy a console and a second copy of the game. OR have your friend run with you and give you all of their gold and item drops.

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