Die Young – How to Kill the Beekepper with Rocks

Guide to Kill the Beekepper with Rocks

Short Intro

This is short guide to kill the Beekeeper only with rocks!

Yep! I accidentally did it again! And he ended up death very easily.

But, since this is much further than where the executioner was, I cannot show you how I started the attack. But,I’m going to describe the first part with screenies I took after he was down already, just to guide you.

It wasn’t hard to kill at all, again it was an accident, so sorry beekeeper!!


Ok, since this was an accident I didn’t took the first screenies, these were taken after he was down already. But I took some afterwards to help me explain.

So, start by heading to The Canebreak from the Refinery (contrary to the Executioner, we are going to kill this one in his own arena).

It is important not to go there from the other side.

From the Refinery side I found a couple zombies, and I killed them (I didn’t know a ‘boss’ was nearby yet).

Could be important to kill them so no one can attack you from behind.

Ok, if you are going correctly you are this side of the bee zone.

Remember, this screenie was taken after he was down.

So, it is important to notice that you are on a higher level, he cannot reach you here.

Unless he walks all around there (your left).

So, when I was here and since he was big I decided to head-shoot him with the crossbow to get the insta-kill, but he got upset and started walking around to get me!!

I think you can just throw a rock instead, with no problem.

Just make him come to you.

Ok, not knowing what to do, when he was in the upper middle of the ‘climb’, coming to my left I decided to move forward ( yes! forward!! ) to hide near the boxes with bees.

Oh, I got hurt with the fall, be careful with this too.

After a very shortie I decided to look left to check for him and…

Yes! He was there!

I threw some rocks at him and found he was stuck.

So,I kept throwing!

And after lots of rocks

He is down!

Last Notes

This is another big bully killed only with rocks!

Again, I recommend you to check the body for rewards.

Please remember, he will be throwing rocks at you!

Don’t worry, your rocks can pass the trees, his can’t!

So sorry, I’m not making a video-guide of this one soon since it was not easy to get to where he is.

I really hope this small guide and screenies can help you.

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