Digimon Survive – How to Save Ryo (Path to the Truth Achievement)

A simple guide on how to save Ryo and unlock the “Path to the Truth” trophy.

Guide to Save Ryo and Unlock Path to the Truth


So i am currently 90-hours into this game and currently working on my 5th playthrough of the story and in this time i think i have finally narrowed down how to save Ryo in the climax of Part 3.

However full disclosure while i have been able to save him twice and this is my method of doing so it is entirely possible that my guide may be missing another pre-requisite that im meeting but not aware of.

The Requirments

So saving him is actually surprisingly pretty straight forward but you will only just barely have time to meet these requirments before his death flag so you may need to save scum when choices are presented to you so you can choose the option that provides you with affinity.

  • You have to have his affinity essentially maxed out at 51 by the time you fight cyclonemon, if he is any lower than this he will die.
  • When you interact with Ryo trying to increase his affinity it is very important that you also communicate with Kunemon whenever possible.

There is no way of tracking affinity with kunemon and his doesnt increase affinity with Ryo so the exact ammount needed is unknown so i can only say to interact with them as much as possible

  • Finally for the last step, im not 100% if this is a prerequisite or if its just a coincidence but every time i saved Ryo i did not use Kunemon in the fight with Cyclonemon.

I suspect this may be needed because in the cinematic where Ryo survives Kunemon is with Ryo and Haru before everyone else arrives.

Final Comment

Now assuming you followed these three simple steps you should have the “Path to the Truth” trophy and be locked into the true ending.

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  1. Yeah, looks like there’s no way to save him 1st play through as I did all these things and he’s still got caught in the fog. Was at 51 affinity at the time and even used past saves just to see if you could.

  2. Used Kunemon on the Cyclonemon fight and Ryo was still saved. I think that what matters are affinity and to say “of course we’ll help” when the shadow hands come at him.

  3. There doesn’t seem to be anything specifically checking if Ryo’s affinity is above a certain value like 40, I had a look at the script for his death scene and there’s a check that runs right at the beginning of it that makes sure the save has at least one ending cleared and that Ryo’s affinity is the highest of the group.

    Did a test run there barely interacting with him or Kunemon and intentionally not raising affinity with anyone, just Aoi with 4 affinity, Minoru with 2 and Ryo with 5 and I just saw the scene where he’s saved. I imagine if he has the same amount of affinity as anyone else he’ll still die, but it looks like even just one point above marks him safe.

    • For anyone else trying to do the thing yeah just make sure you are on a NG+ save (you can see the green “CLEARED” tag on it) and make sure you prioritise Ryo out of everyone. Highest I could get him with save scumming was 56 Affinity before bridge scene.

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