Digimon Survive – Sanctuary Murals

This may be considered spoiler!!!

I sorta translated the digicode found in the sanctuary murals. Not the best translation, but the digicode doesn’t have the exact kanjis, some part can’t be freely inspected and the order isn’t sure.

The sentences are from the murals from the upmost floor to the lowest, right side first and left side second.


1° Floor

There were those that longed for the great strength of the Kemonogami, and those that tried not to be monsters


They were feared by the people because of their great power


2° Floor (sx first because it makes more sense)

The gate that connects the two worlds has been set up


The gate must link the two worlds

ゲートはたがいのせかいをんしきさせな (Between を and ん there might be another character but the camera doesn’t let me see well enough)

The gates that connect the two worlds are now separated, each with its own unique threats


3° Floor

People began to fight and the world of the Kemonogami does not need them


The Earth is not a place of birth, it is a place of death


4° Floor

Center of the circle

The creature’s potentiality is enhanced by man’s potentiality


Leftside of the circle

People and Kemonogami are the only ones who have the right to exist


Rightside of the circle

In the world there are both people and creatures


And with the fog, a world is born


  • It kinda makes sense, but it’s not perfect feel free to tell me if you have better alternatives.

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  1. Thank you for this, it’s very interesting. I finished the game in the normal route and the true route, but I still don’t understand what the fog was or why the master needed sacrifices (he consumes souls, but why souls specifically?). The last sentence “And with the fog, a world is born” may have been the primordial state of the world as the professor says on the true route before the final fight, and that leaves the question of how or why were the worlds separated in the first place…

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