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Got a question about technical stuff? Please, check the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the game has Controller Support?

  • Yes!

Will Dinkum come to consoles?

  • That is definitely something I will be looking into once the game is out of Early Access.

Will there be Steam Cloud save system?

  • I am looking into that and it will most likely come sometime in the future. I want to make sure that before I implement it, it won’t impact your current saves.

Will the game be translated into other languages?

  • Hopefully, this will be possible once the game is at version 1.0. Why not suggest a language you would like to see in suggestions?

Is the map randomly generated?

  • Everyone’s map will be different, but certain biomes rely on the climate, so the north of the island is hot while down south it’s a bit cooler.

How big is the map?

  • The map is not infinite, but pretty big! Your town and farm will only take up a little bit of the island and it will take a little while to walk from one side to the other.

How does Multiplayer work?

  • A player who wants to host needs to start the game in multiplayer mode. The host can have up to 3 people visit, for a total of 4 players on the island. Visiting players need to choose a character to visit the island with. Your character will take their inventory into other people’s games and can take items back home once the session has ended.

What can you do in multiplayer?

  • You can do anything you can do as a single player except only the host can move buildings, place buildings, and sell farm animals.

There’s a dupe bug! I can’t remove or move those items! What do I do?

  • If you run far enough from the house to unload the chunk and come back it should fix itself. Otherwise saving and exiting will fix it.

How do I change the camera settings?

  • You can make the camera move with the mouse by going into settings. Check the ‘Mouse always moves camera’ option. You can also invert the Y axis if the camera movements feel a little strange.

Help! I have lag and the game is super slow!

  • Lower the quality settings, lower the chunk view distance and maybe lower the resolution if you are desperate. Playing in the top-down build camera helps too.

Does Dinkum run on the Steam Deck?

  • I’ve seen some people play it on Steam Deck and it seems to work. However, keep in mind that it is not supported officially.

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  1. Hi. Husband tried to move his house (& he upgraded at the same time). It’s been 7 days. House not moved. He doesn’t owe any money or building supplies. He’s restarted game from desktop and still house not moved. (He has it marked out, Fletxh says it’ll be ready the next day, he hasn’t slept in it and he’s frustrated to the point he’s ready to delete the game altogether.
    Any help would be gratefully appreciate.

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