Dinosaur Fossil Hunter – Troubleshooting: Fixing Issues, Crashing on Loading Screen, Black Screen

This guide contain most known issues and fixes for it.

Troubleshooting Guide

My game is buggy / strange issues are occuring

If you encounter any issues with the final release build it’s possible that your PC still holds old configuration files from previous versions of the game. To fix that do the following steps:

  • Open regedit in Windows
  • Go to:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\PyramidGames\Dinosaur Fossil Hunter
  • And delete this directory key in registry
  • If this doesn’t help also move the save files away from this directory in windows:
    C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\LocalLow\PyramidGames\Dinosaur Fossil Hunter
  • If this doesn’t help also make sure that any Joysticks / Throttle / Rudder pedals are disconnected from your PC as they may interfere with the game controls.

Then verify file integrity of the game in Steam and restart it.

Now everything should work as expected.

My game is crashing on loading screen

  1. First close other apps like web browsers which may use precious RAM memory.
  2. Launch the game and wait a few minutes without clicking anything – first loading may take longer but it should go through.

I have black screen after exiting the car

This can happen very rarely at the beginning of the game (during the prologue), this is probably caused by problem with autosave file. For now the only known solution is to start from earlier save or remove this save file and start the game again (it shouldn’t take long since it’s close to the beginning of the game).

Main Menu is not showing, only paleontologist sitting near the table

Your Windows system doesn’t have the default Video codecs installed for some reason.

It seems that the Microsoft Media Foundation is not installed on your machine or a newer version of Microsoft Media Foundation is required.

To install the necessary libraries please install the Media Feature Pack for your version of Windows.

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