Diplomacy is Not an Option – Gameplay Tips (Endless Session)

How Are You Starting The Session? What Are The First Steps?

First things you should do is place down a fisher, berry gatherer, lumber jack and a porter for the fish and lumber. If you have the wood, research faster porters. Place a house down as well. If you have a stone quarry nearby, place that down as well. You don’t need more than one for the entire game.

With your small army go exploring around your keep in a circle to find all the easy to kill, small camps that have extra resource wagons. Don’t go too crazy pushing the rebels back but continue to move in a circle to reveal the map.

At this point you can build some more lumber jacks, each with their own porter attached, around your explored area, but try to keep them near your wear house so the porters don’t need to venture very far. Same for the berry pickers, try to keep them close. If there is a good clump of berries far away from your granary, place another one down near it with a few berry pickers. Place a few more houses and make sure they are all near a fountain to get the extra population bonus. This is where that early quarry comes in handy along with allowing you to research some nice techs.

You should also get 4 outpost around your keep so that you can see what is coming and what enemies are around you. These are very handy to have and help your tremendously.

Get 1-2 more builders to help expand your buildings.

You can typically survive wave one with your starting army without a problem, but if you want you can get a barracks and add in 3 or 4 more archers and 2-3 swords men. Dealing with waves two and three can be doable with an army and a few catapults but walls, and especially towers, are your friends. If you can find some nice choke points between the mountains, try to wall them off early with double walls and some towers. Don’t forget at least one gate if its a long section. If you dont have any choke points, then just place 2-4 towers in the general area that the wave will be coming from and fill them with archers. Back them up with a catapult or two and you will be amazed at how effective your archers will be. Use your swordsmen to push back the wave a bit but always bring them back to your towers so that they dont get chewed up and can be supported by the catapults and towers.

Once you get past wave three, keep building up your army to about 50 archers, 20 swordsmen and 4 catapults. Try to wall off a nice area around you and have plenty of towers. Since the game doesnt have all the techs, buildings and units unlocked, you will find that your food economy will suffer quite quickly around wave 6 or 7. You will have to expand to the other fishing lakes in the corners of the map. This is where your army will have to come in a slowly push back all the rebels hiding around the edges of the map. Archers are beasts currently so try to use them to deal out the bulk of the damage. Keep pulling your swordsmen back to your archers or use them as bait to lure small groups of rebels back to your archer line. Don’t send them in to die uselessly but use them to protect the archers instead.

This is what works for me in this build of the game. Try it out and see how far you can get. Once you get the hang of the economy and using your units effectively, it gets pretty easy.

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