Disco Elysium – How to Obtain Collage Mode Update Achievements

In Collage Mode 5 new achievements were added, this guide will help you get them.

Collage Mode Update Achievements Guide

All credit goes to Red!


These achievements are all achieved through Collage Mode. In order to achieve them, you will need to visit certain areas with certain filters and find fragments. To collect the fragments move your camera around and zoom in or out as you see them to make their picture clear and complete, and then when you’ve collected 4 fragments, put them together and use the camera button to unlock the achievement.

Spectres of Hope

  • Glimpse it while you can

These fragments are found with the Cyanotype filter.

  • Union Office – Long Live the Workers
  • Pawnshop – Ace’s High
  • Capeside Apartments – Future Dual Commisars
  • Underground Reading Room – Communard Cheers (bugged, but its in the top right)

Old Flame

  • Surely, it can be killed with fire

These fragments are found with the Daguerreotype filter.

  • Doomed B1 – State Terror
  • Dolorian Church – For Frissel!
  • Gary’s Apartment – Welcome to Revachol
  • Martinaise West – Unholy Miracle (next to bullet hole wall)

Looks Like Progress

  • Spinning its wheels

These fragments are found with the Ambrotype filter.

  • Lilienne’s House – Definitely Progress
  • Cuno’s Shack – Coming Soon
  • Evrart’s Office – Static Shadow
  • Martinaise East – For The Greater Good (by Kim’s car)

Priceless Facade

  • Money-smooth streets of gentrification

These fragments are found with the Chemigram filter.

  • Harbour Container – Whirling in Glass
  • Fritte Kiosk – Maximum Frittte
  • Doomed F1 – Money Machine
  • Whirling in Rags 1F – Cutout City

Now For A Difficult Provenance

  • Restore all the hidden photos

This achievement will unlock along with the last achievement you unlock. Congrats, you’ve cleared the update content!

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