Disney Dreamlight Valley – 7 Basic Tips

7 quick basic tips to make your game-play go smoother.

Small Things to Do Now to Help Your Future Self

  1. Do not remove all the nightthorns!

They are slow to generate, you have a quest each day to remove 4 of them, just remove and clear them as needed and then ignore the rest.

  1. Pick up all the wood

Ether run around gathering it or use the F button to gather them into one spot per biome (you will need a lot in the future so always save it).

  1. Early on and throughout the game fishing is a great way to make money

It’s a endless resource that you do not have to wait for, sell them constantly. (3a: Catfish, Lobster, Swordfish show up pretty often feel free to sell them, I just hold on to some Lobster for the Critters).

  1. Moana is the best start for the reason above, then WALL-E, then Remy

(Moana and WALL-E have quality of life improvements they bring, Remy only adds more recipes).

  1. Hoard gems, flowers, and crops like Scooge hoards gold

These are the main things that friendship quest require and its a pain to go searching for a gem you need. (Make Chest to accommodate for these, and upgrade your backpack and house when you cant fit the flowers in your main storage).

  1. Unlock biomes as you get locked out of quests

Don’t rush to open everything up at once, you will get overwhelmed with items and tasks and there is a natural flow to everything just keep an eye out on your friendship tab as to what everyone needs (From what I saw, it goes Meadow, Beach, Forest, Glade, Plateau, Frosted, and then Forgotten Lands, If you try to max friendship before moving to the next area and I do suggest this).

  1. Fill in holes that are not being used

It may be convenient to leave them there and reuse, but it will be harder to level up your diggers if you don’t give them something to do.

Written by jay_rab

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