Disney Dreamlight Valley – Beginners Guide and Advanced Tips/Tricks

Guide for New Players with Tips

Beginner’s Advise

  • Money actually has many uses, start farming it early.
  • Companion boosts basically just give you extra items when you do actions in their role.
  • Save actions involving character classes (fishing, gardening, etc) for when you have an appropriate companion with you for the chance of more reward.
  • Items on the ground will stay there for you!
  • For new plants to grow faster, collect old plants first.
  • Do not stress about Dreamlight power, it will eventually start stacking up (currently stuck with 40K+).
  • Don’t bother searching for paid-currency for free, they hardly give any at all.
  • You may only approach/feed an animal once a day.
  • You can change almost the entire map, so if something is in your way or blocks you remove it (like rocks, bushes, etc) using the build mode (F key by default on QWERTY controls)
  • (Warning) The battle-pass system requires you to complete every task if you want every reward!

Advanced Tricks

  • Using the free demo before creating your save allows you to get access to bonus cosmetics when creating a character.
  • Tracking certain quests will get an extra companion to follow you!

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