Disney Dreamlight Valley – Critter Feeding Guide

Guide for what to feed each critter and how to approach them.

Guide to Critter Feeding


Food Type

  • Rabbits: Lettuce.
  • Squirrels: Apples.
  • Raccoons: Blueberries.
  • Turtles: Seaweed.
  • Crocodiles: Lobster.
  • Foxes: White Sturgeon.
  • Birds: Orange Houseleeks.
  • Emerald Sunbird: Green Passion Lily.
  • Red Sunbird: Red Bromeliad.
  • Golden Sunbird: Orange Houseleek.

How To Catch

Catching a Critter

Each critter type can only be fed once per day, feeding the same type each day increases your chances of companionship!

  • Rabbits: Walk up to them, they will flee, do this 3x.
  • Squirrels: Walk up to them, straight forward no fleeing.
  • Raccoons: Walk halfway to them, when they crouch take a 1 step which will make them stand, be completely still until they crouch again, rinse repeat until you are close enough to feed.
  • Turtles: Walk up to them until they hide inside their shell, be still, wait for them to pop out of shell, approach to feed.
  • Crocodiles: Same as raccoon, except their animation will slightly differ from crouching (relaxed non threatened pose).
  • Foxes: Same as Rabbits, Make them flee 3x then approach.
  • Birds: Same as Squirrels, walk up to them.
Written by Piaxa


  1. Has anyone had a bug where you’ve been feeding critter’s their favourite food for day yet you still can’t have them marked off the critter collections menu or have them as a companion?

    • you have to feed that specific critter of said color 3 times. (each critter has different color variations, and you have to feed that specific colored one 3 times)

      all of the sunbirds take any flower, all squirrels take majority of fruit, all rabbits majority of vegetables, crocodiles are crustaceans meaning, shrimp, lobsters (not sure on shells, since they count as crustaceans technically) foxes are any fish, turtles are correct. and as for the final birds. the crows/ravens in the haunted forest or w/e it’s called can’t remember. i’m not sure how to feed the crows/ravens or if it’s even possible atm.

      not trying to sound rude, or be a rude comment you delete, don’t care… but your info isn’t 100% accurate. and you do NOT have to feed the said sunbirds those specific flowers.

      your how to catch info should state, you must feed said colored critter 3 times.

      • You are kind of being rude, and the ‘you must feed said colored critter 3 times’ thing is off. it is easyer to feed critters things from where they live. as for the ‘foxes are any fish’ part, you are badly wrong. go to the crocodiles home and get a fish there, then give it to a fox, then get a fish from the foxes home and give it to a crocodile. you’ll find that both critters will not eat them.
        go to where the critter you are going to feed is found, get something from the following in there home and give them that, all but the ravens work that way.

  2. Rabbits eat carrots. Squirrels can also be fed raspberries. Most animals need local produce. We can count what the animals eat because they can eat many different kinds and not just one.

  3. Method for fox is same as for rabbit. I also confirm what Katrin wrote before for squirrel and rabbit favorite food.

  4. Yeah,rabbits-carrots,and brid – 凤梨(i don’t know english name,Guzmania? maybe)i feed 红凤梨(red Guzmania?Bromeliaceae?) to red brid ,it is his favourite

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