Disney Dreamlight Valley – Getting Rich from Early to Late Game (Strategy Guide)

Not sure how to go about making more money as you open up newer sections? Tired of running back to your house to regain energy? This guide is for you!

How to Get Rich

Early Game

  1. Get any Villager (preferably Goofy) to level 10 friendship in Gardening by any means as early as possible.
  2. Then, to make things easier for you, move around some trees and bushes and move your house to the Meadow, as close to Goofy’s stall as possible. If needed, you can move the wishing well close to you as well, for easy access to the garden.
  3. Upgrade Goofy’s stall in the Meadow until you can buy the carrot seeds.
  4. At this point, you should have your shovel, so go and dig, right in front of your house, at least 20 plots. Buy 20 carrot seeds and plant them, water them. Carrots grow relatively fast (around 15 minutes) so once they’re grown, sell them. With Goofy at level 10 or even level 7, you should have at least 30 carrots sold.
  5. Then dig more plots, up to 50. This will tire you out quickly, but since the house is so close by, just go and in come out as many times as needed.
  6. Repeat this process until you have 100-150 plots and seeds. Selling around 200 carrots gives you a massive profit, especially if you companion is at level 10 Gardening.

After Unlocking Forest of Valor

  1. Repeat the steps from early game, but this time, with Onions and move your house to Forest of Valor. Onions generally need watering twice for each harvest.
  2. It’s important to have your house nearby to recharge your energy quickly.

Onions are seriously profitable, with a profit margin of around 19.6%, way better than carrots if you can afford it. Farming around 200 onions a day (not including drops from your lvl 10 companion) will easily make you 100,000+ star coins.

After Unlocking Frosted Heights

Now, this one is a bit risky, and you don’t need to do it if you’re happy farming onions.

What I did was keep my onion plots and my house in FoV (I reduced my carrot plots to around 30 plots for emergencies). I dug 50 plots for eggplants and realized it takes a seriously long time (around 3 hours) for them to grow.

But, they’re profit is around 20.6% per seed, so slightly better than onions, so I don’t think there’s any harm in growing the eggplants and keeping some in storage for later. But if you have the time, money and patience for it, The returns on 100++ eggplants should be incredible.

Alright, I hope this strategy helped someone. I especially recommend moving your house and the wells around for convenience, the original location isn’t very useful for you.

Written by AlexA13


  1. Wheat actually has a better return than carrots. Carrots cost 10 and sell for 44 giving a profit of 34 in 15 minutes which means the profit per minutes is 2.26 on your own wheat costs 1 and sells for 2 but you get 2 so that is 4 meaning a profit of three… every minute. The problem with wheat is that it’s a constant battle of buying and selling. I personally like pumpkins because it’s like a 4 hour investment. I spend a few minutes planting pumpkins and then a few minutes harvesting them and while I might have made more money if I was constantly harvesting and sowing wheat or carrots that is just more of my time that I could be spending actually playing the game. I’ve got 1.4 million now and everything is upgraded and I don’t really want to buy any furniture so money is pretty pointless at some point.

    • I absolutely agree on that money becoming useless after a while part. I think it might become more relevant once the story is fully developed. I kinda got bored farming and harvesting and selling after a while as well.

    • I hope so, they will certainly be adding more characters which will hopefully give me more quests that aren’t just get loads of iron ore

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