Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Get Avatar Code After Buying the Game

For some reason when buying the game, the game replaces the avatar creation tool. If you haven’t saved the avatar code there’s seemingly no way to get it! Super annoying….but I’ve found a way to get it!

Guide to Get Avatar Code After Buying the Game

Important! This works only for Steam.

Secondary Account

First thing is that you’ll have to either create a new secondary account or use one you already have. The account must not own the full game.

Install The Avatar Creator!

Since this account doesn’t have the main game, you can install the avatar creator! Do that now.

Switch Back to Main

Once downloaded and installed, switch back to your main account with the full game. You’ll now have both the full game and the avatar creator in your Steam library. Open up the avatar creator and you should see the avatar your previously created! Grab that key and import it over 🙂

Can’t I Install Epic or Microsoft Store Version?

I tried and it didn’t work for me! Had me create a new avatar. So as of this guide’s creation date this did not seem like a working possibility to me.

Written by GorkTehDork


  1. cloud saving is best to be disabled when you back up a save and test another, as it usually when loads will use the last save backed up to the cloud.
    kinda can be tricky to bypass, think once u have the new data in place you have to renable cloud well the games active for it too save the new data as cloud data.

    but aslong as the save is backed up you can always restore it if things do not go as planned

  2. I wasnt able to disable cloud saving due to “server errors”, made a backup of my local savegame anyway and imported my avatar. Everything worked fine for me, nothing got deleted or anything! 🙂 thanks

  3. Did somebody try this after already playing with the character in the bought version? Im already some hours into the game and just learned about the avatar creator. I really wished I would have seen this sooner and be able to create the avatar there and import it.

    Created an avatar like you suggested on another account but now I’m afraid importing will delete my current savegame. Anybody did this?

    • if fear of save game loss back it up, sometimes it might, then you can transfer the avatar
      and see if it changes if it does readd your previous save, but who honestly knows if it does

  4. It’s not a bug, it’s planned. Everything in this avatar creator will be available after some time ingame.

  5. sounds like they messed things up when they released
    not uncommon for a release to go a little sideways at times honestly

  6. well for some they worked really hard on there avatars spending alot of time creating them
    so for many this is less work, then creating an new avatar

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