Disney Dreamlight Valley – The Secret Trick for Crossing Blocked Bridges

How to Cross Blocked Bridges

  • Enter your inventory and choose the Furniture menu or just press F on your keyboard.
  • You can move furniture and buildings around on the map, can also move the wishing wells you’ve unlocked.
  • Even though you can’t walk across it yourself, Dreamlight Valley doesn’t prevent you from moving a wishing well to anywhere in its area.
  • Place it somewhere on the other side of the bridge, exit the furniture menu, then open your map. Click the icon of the well in its new location.
  • Now you can explore the area on the other side of the blocked bridge before you have the tools to remove the stumps or rocks blocking your path.


  1. getting past mushrooms quest from merlin to up grade watering can permanently need 20 mushrooms from the glade tired of waiting for thjem to spawn gonna try this before it gets fixed

  2. Yep I’ve been doing this and it’s very helpful as getting past those mushrooms seems to be late game as I’ve not unlocked it yet and I’ve unlocked everywhere and fully upgraded everything.

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