Disney Dreamlight Valley – The Ursula Gate Guide (Orb of Power Dungeon)

How to clear all the gates to get the Orb of Power for Dazzling Beach.

Guide to Clear All Gates

Gate 1: Gems

A normal peridot from the Meadows is required, a Garnet from your home village, along with an aquamarine from the Dazzling Beach.

Gate 2: Seeds

For something underground, on the left you place a carrot seed. For something gold and brown, in the center you place a wheat seed. For red and round, on the right you place the tomato seed.

All three must fully grow and be watered until you are allowed to move to Gate 3: Cooking.

Gate 3: Cooking

The final gate requires you to cook the ingredients you gathered. The order does not seem to matter!

Obtaining the Orb

Fish it up from the golden circle in the pool!

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