Divinity: Original Sin – Fight Tips (Enhanced Edition)

Tips to Fight

  • If you’ve unlocked city, it’s important to note that you should gear up before heading into wilderness. Make sure to check all NPC traders in Cyseal and buy some gear, preferably every level up. Character with invisibility (scoundrel) helps making cash greatly by stealing. Now that you’re geared, make sure to do all quests you can in Cyseal, gaining as much exp as possible.
  • For better combat I suggest having as much initiative as possible on your gear.
  • As warrior you want bully talent, power stance, ramming charge and crushing fist – you knock them and then deal huge damage on knocked targets without misses, if no controlled target, don’t use stance.
  • Aero+Hydro mage gets environmental bonuses to their attacks as one early hostile location makes everyone wet (easy shocking/freezing) and water damage is extremely good against one of latest location.
  • As archer go for clear shots with highest percentages possible, use stances – precision when you don’t plan to move and want to hit better, power when enemy is under control so you can 100% them no matter what. Also, elemetal arrows makes you kinda light version of mage, use them.
  • I suggest avoiding having squishy dagger guy as beginner because he’s difficult to pull off.

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