DNF DUEL – Tips and Tricks for New Players

This short guide contains some advices for newbies in the DNF DUEL game.

Beginners Tips and Tricks

Before You Play

Remember! Its a game and is supposed to be fun, try out the characters and their combo trials and find the one you like. You will eventually play better with a character you like than with a character you think will win more match ups but isnt neccesseraly your cup of tea. Tier lists are for tournament players not scrubs like us. Get gud at the basics first and have fun, winning doesnt matter its all about personal growth (getting gud, your first goals should be to be able to block long combos in an online match and than learn when and how to get in and do a combo of your own, if you can do that its a BIG win even if you lost the round).


Play whoever you want, some characters might have more of a learning curve, but who cares you do you.

Learning moves is fine, but more importantly you wanna have one basic thing you practise at a time. Like learn a confirm that ends in hard knockdown and learn to be consistent with that. Game is much more than just throwing combos etc, learning when to use what move in what matchup comes from raw unfilitered experience.

If this is your 1st ever fighting game so to speak, try to learn some general gameplay, get comfortable blocking moves, how neutral works vs different characters (just play online and learn from experience) and play however you enjoy,

As for OP, when you start a fighting game is like what others said. Pick a character you like a lot in terms of design, movesets, personality etc. Afterwards, you will like the character so much that the execution barrier doesnt matter anymore as you will try your hardest to adapt to that character’s playstyle.

Maybe you like characters that can do cool stuff like yeeting the enemy high and slam them down looks cool. Or maybe you like animu grill calling dragons for assistance and she looks kinda cute. Pick one you like. Soon afterwards you will grow to love them and their movesets is in your muscle memory sooner or later.

But also

There are always characters that harder to master. Do not use Grappler, Kunoichi, Enchantress and, probably, Swift Master. They are most technical chars in the game, you will struggle to play them. Maybe Enchantress is less so, but other 3 I cannot recommend to new players. Still, and that where Poopy is right, if you REALLY like one of them, feel free to practice ’em. Just know it will take more time to be effective.


You are going to lose alot, not saying your bad but we all do and learning to accept it now will help you have more fun and less broken controllers.

Also let us know who you pick, im kinda into striker right now but im struggling online a bit since she has shorter attacks than most characters (was a day 1 anji main why does this always happen)


Focus on very basic things:

  • Get used to the controls, not just combos. It’s important to know what you are pressing in order to adapt to situations.
  • Get a decent understanding of the range of your moves. Makes it easier to know when you get to hit people.
  • Come up with simple plans A, B, C when you fight.
  • Last thing I’d say is, your opponent is also trying to Press buttons, so blocking is really important.
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