Dog Adventure – General Controls Guide

This guide will focus extensively on the many control options that are available in Dog Adventure.

Guide to Controls


As a platformer game, you may find controlling the Dog tricky. I have listed below the many control options available to the player:

  • W / Spacebar – Jump
  • A – Go left
  • D – Go right
  • Esc – Pause

For right-hand dominant people, an alternative control scheme is available for you as well.

  • ↑ – Jump
  • ← – Go left
  • → – Go right

The rest of the controls play the same.

Menu Navigation

Title Screen

This is the initial landing page upon launching the game. You know you’re here when you see the words DOG ADVENTURE written in purple across the screen.

  • NEW GAME – When clicked, takes you to the first level of the game.
  • QUIT – Instantly exits the game.

Game Screen

The red bar on the top left corner indicates the Dog’s health. Depleting your health will result in a Game Over scenario.

Important: Skeletons may seem friendly but please avoid them. They hurt you and possibly will even kill you, and you’d have to restart the level.

Pause Menu / Game Over

The pause menu and game over screen are practically identical, so I’ve decided to merge the menu navigation guide into one neat section.

  • TRY AGAIN – This will restart the entire level. Do not click unless you absolutely need to.
  • MAIN MENU – Takes you to the Title Screen, whilst the Dog is brutally murdered off-screen.
  • QUIT – Brings you back to reality. This is not a good button.

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