Doggerfall – Complete Walkthrough Guide (with Achievements)

100% Walkthrough and Achievements

Walkthrough Introduction

Your character is invincible and can’t die. To get past the stones blocking the path you’ll need to buy a hammer. A hammer is sold at the tavern for 80 gold. I suggest finding the 1 hit enemies and reentering that room to grind the 80 gold as all enemies drop the same amount of gold no matter how many hits they take to die. Sometimes the gold picked up from enemies may not count, so you’ll need to get a bit more until you reach 80 gold.

The Achievements

Enter the game

  • Unlocked on game start.

Kill monster

  • Simply kill any monster.

Collect heart

  • Even if you are invulnerable, collect the heart for this achievement.

Visit a tavern

  • Visiting the tavern is needed to buy the hammer.

Defeat FibeThree

  • Boss location is noted on the map.

Gather ore

  • After buying the hammer, press “E” on an ore. Ores spawn randomly in any room with a low chance.

Defeat Slimonella

  • Boss location is noted on the map.

Defeat NussFirabu

  • Boss location is noted on the map.

The Map

The Puzzles

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