Doll – A World of Lies Achievement Guide

How to get the “A world of lies” achievement in the Doll game.

How to Obtain A World of Lies Achievement


Hello! Before you read this guide, I hope you played the game to an ending!

This guide is for if you are struggling to find the “A world of lies” achievement! I’ve discussed other achievements as well but I will always recommend playing the game fully yourself first and speaking to all the characters as much as you can.

Don’t forget you can save the game!

“A World of Lies” Achievement

After you obtain the knife, go back to the train station. Outside of the train station, where you once spoke to another person, you can hop onto the train tracks. Following that path, you can access another area through a gate with other characters inside.

When you find this unlocked area, you should receive the achievement.

Images of the path you must follow:

Other Achievements?

I made this guide for just the one achievement since I saw a discussion on it last year but the guide looks a bit bare, no? bahhaah, so I thought I might as well discuss the others from memory!

Basically all achievements can be gathered easily in one play-through.

Make sure you talk to these characters (the achievements are named by them):


  • After the train arrives, you will find her again in the place where an old guy is reading outside of. She’s the one with the funky glasses. Talking to her here in the library will give the achievement.


  • Story should lead you to her. Make sure to exert all possible dialogue. Achievement is probably received by doing story.


  • I don’t remember her too well but if ya find her, just talk to her. I remember she is the one you shout, “NO NO NO!” at but can’t remember where you get the achievement. I got the achievement before you shout at her so find her before that plot point.


  • This guy offers you a place to rest, he’s in one of the houses with messy beds. You have to talk to him twice.


  • You can find him in the same room as Rory, the guy that cuts your hair. This is in the “Wall” building. I am not sure but I think you must find the secret hideout in front of the train before he shares more dialogue with you though I may be wrong,


  • He is up on the roof of the building where the “Wall” area is.


  • You’ll get this from progressing the story.


  • You just gotta stabby stabby someone. I would recommend stabbing Ocean/Franz (guy on roof) or Rory (guy who cuts your hair, in the same tower building as Ocean/Franz).
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