Dolmen – Guide to Ultrawide / Super Ultrawide + FOV Fix

How to Fix Ultrawide, Super Ultrawide and FOV

To have a correct FOV in ultrawide (21:9 / 32:9):

  • Go to:
    C:\Users\”YOUR USER”\AppData\Local\DolmenWindows\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor
  • Edit the file Engine.ini
  • Add on the end of the file the following parameter key.
  • Save file and start game.

How to get 5120×1440 32:9 when game only goes up to 3180×2160

Change the res in gameusersettings.ini (same folder than for Engine.ini), and you have to go in properties and set the file on read only.

Other way is to set the game in windowed and you can use the program Borderless Gaming to extend to your ratio.

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