Dolmen – How to Beat Second Boss (Ancient Soldier)

Guide to Defeat Second Boss (Ancient Soldier)

Phase 2 also is pretty “easy”, easier than phase 1.

You pretty much kill the drones asap and stay behind cover.

After a couple of shots/attacks he gets exhausted and you can get some hits in, his phase 2 got very little health compared to phase 1.

In both phases you just need to be patient and wait for the openings (phase 1, when he hits a blue bubble, phase 2, when he’s spend).

That’s about the only major thing bugging me about the mechanics, bosses leave very little room to experiment. they all got pretty hefty attacks (high damage spikes) and then a short down phase, where you are supposed to attack. Atleast i didn’t have much success fighting later bosses any other way.

Also simply “leveling” doesn’t make you “stronger”; it depends on what you level and how you upgrade (stats). Gear seems to have always some weakness, which you can somewhat eliviate by slotting the right upgrades during the crafting process. But i ran through a level beeing nearly unkillable until a fire attack hit me and i realized the gear i was wearing had little to no fire-resistance.

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