Dome Keeper – Tips Before Getting Started

Here you can find some useful hints that you may to know before you get started to play the Dome Keeper game.

Starter Tips

Dome Keeper is a very fun game, but can be somewhat overwhelming in the first couple of goes.

To help you get along with your journey of pillaging and plundering historical relics from worlds around the galaxy, here is a small list of knowledge to make those first couple of drops easier:

  • The only way to die is to lose your dome to the aliens you fight, this means prioritising your offence/defence there, as everything else can wait.
  • A good offence is the best defence – this is a DPS kind of a game. You will find that some things (the flying stuff) are quite high damage but fairly easy to kill, so better to prioritise carefully.
  • Early start – for the mining part during the first couple of waves, focus on iron (squares) – the other resources are useful once you’ve got yourself upgraded a little.
  • Build order should include : drill upgrade and alien warning system first. This allows you to mine more (and your early speed is dependent on drill more than flight…) and know how long you have before you need to come home.
  • Dont be afraid to use the cobalt (triangles) to heal yourself when you have them. Better to have full health and nothing in the bank than die with a pocket full of triangles…
  • …On that note: you can Q out of a battle in the middle and quickly D in to the upgrade screen to heal yourself. Do be quick though, coz you can die in the process!
  • What about those cool upgrades? Some are better than others, but it’s preference. Probe is useful, the lift and teleporter are both excellent. The blaster and Drilbert not so much… but play with them all.
  • Some upgrades you buy (e.g. the Shield Overcharge) put a machine in your dome, so to activate it you have to go over and press Space. This isn’t explained, but there you go.
  • Unlocks are based on things you do to play the game… e.g. The Orchard is unlocked if you use Repellant…
  • Mining difficulty comes from depth (by colour) and density (visible in the blocks). Prioritise clearing each layer by colour before exploring too deeply, as it is harder to mine… on the other hand, the really big deposits are usually lower, so when you are ready to mine and carry more, thats when to go deep!
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  1. I love the lift because it means I can let the less useful resources (mostly water) be carried up without me needing to struggle to fly upwards

  2. I won by using stun and Drillbert what i did was i mined down 3 blocks then put Drillbert to the left and then i put Drillium to the right then i mined the resources and got them up and upgraded rinse and repeat and i got REALLY far and even won! anything is good if you have a strategy! That’s why i love this game!

  3. Yeah that ‘manual’ overcharge. I played three games before I figured out how to use it. Maybe they will put in a tooltip about it.

  4. Yeah about drillbert

    I just finished a run with only the first two drill upgrades and cleared almost the entire map thanks to drillbert and his brother. I was just hauling loot most of the time

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