Door in the Woods – How to Become The Apex Predator (Lone Wolf)

If you ever wanted to destroy those smug wolves you’ve come to the right place.

Guide to Become The Apex Predator (Lone Wolf)


This guide is deigned to teach you how to become king of the forest.

It will show you fighting techniques, how to survive and basic inventory management.

Hunting Techniques

There are two types of hunting techniques, trap hunting and spear hunting.

Trap hunting uses poisoned meat to distract the wolf, pelting it with spears.

First, you need poisoned meat or poisoned rabbit meat. To get this, you need a rabbit trap crafted using 3 berries, which are found everywhere.

Keep in mind these traps only work at night and if you are 7 spaces away. When you hear a loud noise come from the trap, then you’ve got a rabbit. Now make sure to get to it before a wolf does. It can happen. When you have the rabbit’s body, you can butcher it and poison it with a mushroom. They can be found everywhere too.

Now we need spears. Around the map, you will see saplings. They look like small bushes that (usually) aren’t connected to any other trees/bushes.

Once you find them, harvest them and turn them into a spear. Now with your new spear, you have the option to sharpen. This doubles the attack but can take from 0% to 14% off its durability. But I always recommend at least sharpening it once because 25 damage is nothing. I say get at least 3 sharpened spears before trying to hunt with this tactic. Also, I usually keep sharpening until it’s below 8%, but you do you.

Great, now you are ready to hunt. I usually walk around the forest until I see a wolf (which can take a while but whatever). When you see one approach it and drop the poisoned meat, it will eat like a dumb mutt. While it eats, get a spear ready to throw (preferably your lowest durability spear), and the moment it’s poisoned, throw. While it’s fleeing, throw your second one and then chase it with your third to get the final blow.

Spear hunting is more of a late-game tactic. It involves gathering at least 5 spears, just rushing head first into a wolf throwing spears and again finishing it off with a melee hit. In this tactic, you can use spear traps, but it’s not necessary.

To sum it up, trap hunting has a long prep time, but an easy kill, and spear hunting has little prep once you’ve set it up once and more brutal kills.

How to Maintain Yourself

To even start surviving, you need food, water and a way not to go mad.

Food is easy, you have many options in the woods, but some are less helpful than others.

If you want to be a vegan, then go with berries, you can find them in bushes, and you will survive, but it won’t be fun. Berries will only keep you from starving, so you’ll be stuck on hungry, plus you would need a lot of them

If you are a meat eater, you may prefer rabbit meat. You already know how to hunt a rabbit for its meat. Firstly your going to have to cook it for sanity’s sake, and when cooked, it only gets you stable so you won’t heal from eating. Not to mention how long it takes to get a rabbit, it won’t be a steady supply.

So the last option is the flesh of the rival predator, wolf meat. Again it’s recommended you cook it so that your sanity is intact. This meat will fill you well, giving you a chance to heal and mock the so-called predator.

Along with getting wolf’s meat, wolves will drop their heart. This basically acts as elder flesh.

Water is a bit trickier as glass bottles aren’t standard, but if you have one, great. Whatever you do, try to always avoid drinking dirty water. Receiving any of the harmful effects from it can be game-ending.

Then there’s sanity. The main sanity losses in the game are dread from being outside and trauma from eating wolves’ hearts.

There are a few things you can do to avoid dread. First, you can set up a base in one of the buildings (here is the map for reference).

This can be a bad tactic, searching for wolves will be hard because you can stray too far from base and finding a constant supply of berries may be problematic .

Or you could try building a campfire every night. firewood will soon become hard to find, and you need a lot to keep it running for the entire night, so that’s a lot of wasted inventory space.

So my preferred tactic is house jumping.

You can get to the big house by following the train tracks. After that, you can keep travailing to these three houses. This way, you can find wolves the way you would, travelling randomly, and you have a place to stay so you don’t lose your sanity.

And if you ever get lost, just find the train tracks and your set.

With the wolves’ heart, you can keep eating them unless your current sanity is below 26.

Dealing with Damage

No matter how good you are, there will come a time when you get hit.

So Firstly, how do we avoid it. The main threat to your health is wolves (why wouldn’t it be), and they can get you in many ways. They could track you down while you are unarmed, gang up on you like cowards, or you could mess up during a hunt.

Whatever it is, a few things you can do are hide in bushes, throw stones at them to stun or even throw rabbit meat at them as a distraction (be warned, this doesn’t work on the red wolf).

Lastly, how to deal with the damage. After the hit, you will start to bleed. There aren’t many items to stop bleeding, so don’t bother carrying around anything, just eat.

Eating is the only way you can restore health and in this game, being caught with little health is a death sentence.

What to Hold and Why to Hold it

You have 12 inventory spaces (not including what you have equipped), and you need to use them wisely.

To start off, the basics. It would be best if you had a glass bottle for water, berry’s in case you have no meat, and you get peckish, and twigs for sanity. That leaves 9 spaces left.

Next is the food. You should always have 1 space available for storing the meat you collect. that leaves 8

And what’s left you can fill with spears or items used to hunt, not so hard.

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