Doors of Insanity – How to Fix Green Skin Bug

The game then takes the first four values, tries to apply them as colors, fails to do so and you get a green skin.

Guide to Fix Green Skin Bug


The fix is relatively simple. All that needs to be done is to change the Utilties class to denote the color string a little bit differently. Here is how it can be done (and how I managed to fix the issue)

  1. Download dnSpy
  2. Launch dnSpy
  3. In Steam Right Click Doors of Insanity -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse
  4. Navigate to “Doors of Insanity_Data\Managed”
  5. Make a copy of Assembly-CSharp.dll (preferably outside the folder, multiple dlls can do weird things sometimes)
  6. Pull the Assembly-CSharp.dll into dnSpy
  7. In dnSpy search for the “colorToString” method (it should be in the “Utilties” class)
  8. Right click -> Edit Method
  9. Replace “,” with “|”
  10. In dnSpy search for the “stringToColor” method (it should be in the “Utilties” class, right below “colorToString” method)
  11. Replace “,” with “|” yet again
  12. File -> Save module

This should fix it, at least it did for me. Alternatively you can use my version of the dll from here.

But keep in mind that this is not future-proof. Put the dll in the “Doors of Insanity_Data\Managed” folder.

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