Draconia – Golem Leveling Guide

I am creating this during a pretty early stage in development for the game. This guide will likely become totally useless at some point. It is also my first ever attempt at a guide so it might be awful. In addition it is based entirely on observations and is about the unusual experience of what it is like to play a golem at this early stage.

Guide to Golem Leveling

All credit goes to Rhibirr!

Golem Be Buggy

A lot of struggles with playing a golem are not actually the fault of the creature itself but rather that it is simply currently bugged. Not knowing about the bug in question make it much harder then it is otherwise.

…You can’t drink from water bodies until you have leveled a bit. Originally I thought there was some kind of saltwater vs. freshwater issue because I could drink from water trophs and water purifiers but not from the ocean. Then I went to the lake and trying to get a lock on the water to drink from it, it was really buggy but doable so I continued to assume salt water was an issue for some time (Required rapid, several attempts at different angles to get it to work).

But then, I leveled some and that problem faded away. And wouldn’t you know it? Next time I went to the ocean my golem could drink from it fine.

Golems can only drink from artificial water sources until they grow past a certain size. Thank goodness they can last quite a while without water but you may still screw yourself over if you don’t know this little tidbit.

Oh and, while we’re talking about bugs. Don’t bother making the guiding light unless you really just want it. I haven’t leveled my golem to 50 yet to know if it eventually works but while you will be given the normal options actually trying to carry your light will result in it being stuck where it is and not following you as if you are holding it. The game still thinks you are holding it though and you will not be able to do anything but float around until you put it away.

Baby Golem Be Slow But They Do Get Better

Don’t play golem if you aren’t patient. You will start out as a magic version of a cheep wind up toy. The full height of a level 1 golem is at everyone else’s feet.

Around level 5 you start feeling like you’re going somewhere when you go somewhere but still. Know that you will start as if possessed by the malice of a vengeful ghost snail.

If however you enjoy seeing a visible difference in your character’s abilities and you don’t mind the wait…you might actually really enjoy the golem during this period of the game’s life where you mostly just explore and collect things to grow anyhow.

Waypoints are a golem’s best friend. So do try to find them. There is no shame in using a winged character to scout for your little pebble friend.

“Where to Best Level, Rhibirr?”

I suggest the beach and the lake in the south. And don’t bother really collecting until you’re big enough that you won’t die of thirst. You may also want to hang out around spawn village for a little while cleaning up their garden’s dirt piles and the dragon feeding area bones if you don’t want to deal with early slowness but you may find that you can’t reach a lot of things so harvesting berries to level may prove really annoying.

The beach and lake both have a lot of easily visible lumps of harvestable things pretty close together though and every inch of don’t have to walk far to get a thing gets you closer to moving at a not so molasses rate. One of the beaches even has a quest stone right on it.

Just Silly

Draconia’s golem certainly looks quite different from other golems I have seen. I like the beastal lean instead of just…humanoid made out of rock. It sort of is but it also sort of isn’t. Its starting tinyness will result in dragons coming down to crouch follow you too…because you are a cute little pebble monster.

It would be nice to be able to do something with them- oh wait. There are a few things.

  • Low level golems can wiggle through the bars of the entirely closed cages for some funny screenshots.
  • You can’t drift up sheer cliffs. But some of the angles you can drift up are still funny enough to be amusing. They have no fall damage too.
  • Their swim speed is actually not bad once leveled a little. Maybe it’s partly their size exaggerating everything but they don’t feel slow in the water when you have even 6 or so levels on them. They’re about as fast in water as they are sprinting on land it seems.
  • You can put a silly hat on them.
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