DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS – A No Ones Ratings of Survivor Skills

Waste your time as some nobody nerd gives you his garbage takes on the survivors skills both active and passive.

Survivor Skill Ratings


So you’re reading this mess, probably cause there is no wiki or for whatever other reason.

Allow me to make some things clear before i get to the actual point of this guide, I am at best average at this funny game, my takes are likely not great and as such keep in mind these are personal opinions but by all means feel free to call me out on my hot dog water tastes, criticism is the foundation of growth and whatnot.

Got it? Great we can begin!

The Skills

This is it, the stuff that determines if you’re getting out of this mess of a game alive or if you’re taking a big L to the face.

  • Emergency Escape 1/10: hot garbage, waste of a slot. definitely are times where you end up not escaping a zone but these should be rare enough that its not worth wasting a valuable slot for this
  • Floating Device 7/10: I love this thing, gives you extra distance, can cancel the delay animation from falling from large heights, pretty sure using it is even faster then walking normally only downsides is raider might see you mary poppinsing around and it does make some noise.
  • Grappling Hook 7/10: another solid banger, good range, decent cool down, will end if you happen to hit and flooring before hitting your destination sadly you usually don’t have time to aim if escaping with this
  • Camoflauge 5/10: I honestly have never used this, but i can see it working sometimes. A decent raider will likely catch onto this though and then you’re on a quick trip to the frying pan
  • Change Missile 6/10: Same experience as camoflauge from me here, decent for geting to a spot but I can’t possibly imagine this saving you from the raider unless they’re either blind or someone else catches their attention.
  • Flying Nimbus 3/10: even worse then missile because you stick out like a sore thumb, literally only see this marshmallow used by griefers or new players.
  • Bouncing Device 7/10: pretty solid, gets you some distance, your team can use it, you can even mess with the raider if they happen to run into it, not so hot for escaping an active chase though unless you transform mid air
  • Saiyan Drop Pod 8/10: Mah get the nerf bat, jokes aside holy hell did they nerf this into the ground, yet I think its still pretty great. lets you escape if you haven’t been found but the raiders near, let you jump to a area that desperately needs a key found or can drop it on the raider to stun and even slightly damage them while fighting for the STM, and a god send wheen the STM gets wrecked and you need to book it to the ETM.
  • Kaioken Rush 6/10: Kaio what?! long wind up but gets you some distance, can be used to disrupt the raider last time I had this in beta it was bugged if used during zone destruction not sure if it still is but if so definitely wouldn’t use, other wise a solid option.
  • Wall of Defense 6/10: Pretty niche but can possibly come in clutch, best case scenario you block a super on your level 4 team mate so they get a free hit on the raider
  • Scouting Drone 1/10: really bad, hardly useful with how it moves you’ll be constantly losing track of the raider anyways
  • Smoke Bomb 7/10: Pretty damn solid, stops raider lock on for a few seconds, long enough to let you use one of your actual escape options
  • Trap Device 7/10: another solid option, can be used to defend the STM or at the entrance of caves while you’re hiding, raiders can’t see the lasers so its not super obvious though a smart raider will be blasting you from above at the STM making the first point moot sometimes
  • Fake Death 2/10: super niche, knocks back sure but no raider is going to fall for this unless they are super new
  • Solar Flare 6/10: decent stun option but it has a wind up that will screw you over as much as it goes off
  • Krillins Shoe 6/10: short stun goes out pretty fast and shortly stops raider lock on
  • Wall Kick 5/10: a bit awkward to use but you can cut down on climbing time if you git gud at it, you’ve got better movement options imo
  • Charming Pose 6/10: solar flare but faster and not as long, interchangeable in my opinion and up to your preference
  • Bulmas Bike 10/10: the goat, the raider maldifier, absolute seethe machine, this thing is as of writing so damn good never leave home without it +10 it if you don’t like using bulma skin I can’t imagine playing without this bad boy
  • Go Go Gum 8/10: krillins shoe but way better and minus the lock on break
  • After Image 7/10: decent enough, no where near as much distance as raider cells version but it can get you out of a stun
  • Power Charger 6/10: I used this one for a good while early on, decent filler when you’ve got nothing else and will save you from getting ♥♥♥ over by cube drops, but getting level 1 is not hard most the time
  • Barrier Auto Recovery 7/10: very useful after you escape sense sometimes finding a recovery device can be hard as hell, if you’re an aggressive player its even better sense it’ll let you go and be a annoyance to the raider safer more often
  • On Guard 3/10: would mark this one purely to preference, personally would never use sense all it does is extend the reach when the heart beats start
  • Ki Detection 3/10: same as above but tracks aura instead of longer heartbeat range not that useful imo
  • Emergency Transformation 1/10: literal crutch, use this while you’re starting and ditch it once you have better stuff its better to transform before you’re even hit and this will just lead you into bad habits and bad situations
  • Expert Driver Jump 5/10: the boost is pretty ridiculous and can get you to places you normally can’t reach like the mushroom tops, otherwise wouldn’t use in place of another passive
  • Expert Driver Speed 8/10: definitely use this if you’re using bulma bike, the increase is pretty good and will make your escapes even better
  • Movement Speed dirt 5/10: its alright, faster looting, faster travel when you’re not taking a joy ride, would consider this filler but not bad filler
  • Slide 2/10: super situational, would not use but if you’ve got nothing else it can help out in some spots
  • VIP Special 9/10: absolutely amazing, really only loses a point because of sometimes all the cooldown drinks in the world won’t help you salvage a situation still would never leave home without it though, finallyy they do yamcha a solid
  • S.O.S 6/10: this will purely only be relevant when the STM is destroyed, the speed increase of the ETM is pretty noticeable however and may just be the difference between escape or defeat

And that is it, as I said these are just my own personal opinions as a bad-average survivor player.

Hang in there fellow survivors and may all your energy cubes be large.

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