Dread Hunger – Best Trick to Learning Explorer

Hunger, heat and fuel no longer become a stressfull comodity if you at least try to play Solo.

How to to Learn Explorer Easy

Play Solo and Experiment

Start a custom game with whatever settings you want.

Specifically, when you are ready, try to start a match on “The Approach” (Or other map) with default settings and complete it. You will notice a few things that help you relax more with the games systems and how to prioritize your actions.

Basic Things

A lot of players worry about their hunger, heat and even frustrate themselves in pushing the ship forward. Playing solo will help you notice:

Rushing for Coal and other fuel resources is not that hard, and you learn to stay happy with the little ammount of resources on you because you will be prioritizing fuel sources.
Fueling and then steering the ship all on your own is not at all a problem, and even encouraged.
You only need to eat about 2-3 cooked meat per day, And dying of hunger is not as fast or bad as it seems.
Heat is not a problem at all with a piece of wood in your hand, and knowing where to use it (Fire place or Stove).
Finally see how fast you can go about things, and how much time you actually have.

Intermediate Things

Resources can help you with certain aspects of survival and making your goals. But to get these resources you will notice:

  • To familiarize yourself with your favourite items from the workbench.
  • Certain containers have nigh guranteed items in them. Supply crates often have iron scraps, ammo crates often have gunpowder and iron ingots. Etc.
  • Lanterns and Tea are not at all hard to make, and even let you go out at night. The lantern specifically lets you wander the night as if it was day time.
  • Ice Pick is not hard to make, is also a weapon and often gives access to areas rich with Coal.
  • With all of above in mind, you do not have to carry everything, but find the things you need when you want to make them (Sinew can eat my ass).
  • Certain resources like Scrap are abundant and give you opportunity to make bear traps that help fights against Cannibals or hoards of wolves.

Advanced Things

At a certain point, going about it solo might actually be very hard, and so you will notice that:

  • The best path to take as a Ship is closest to where there will be most resources. That way, it is easier to haul items to the ship, and get the ship moving. The ship being your home base also helps you always have a safe space.
  • How to go about getting to the Nitro Glycerin and where it might even be.
  • How to kill the Polar Bear alone. For me, it is an assortment of Bear traps, 3 hits with the Ice pick on the Nitro and a little bit of luck and bravery.

If you can get far on a map alone, imagine how far an entire team of 6 people can do?

In a real match, there are 2 thralls. In a real match, there are other people also picking up resources and stuff. These change up a solo experience, but for the better! With at least the Basics and some Intermidiate things in mind, you will notice these things:

  • Other explorers (even thralls) will take away items from containers. This has you explore slightly deeper than you might be comfortable.
  • While others are doing their part, some of the work, if not all, will be done for you.
  • You can focus on more obscure locations in order to get undisturbed resources.
  • Some players will be easier to spot as a Thrall if most players are effecient enough.
  • Focusing on figuring out who is a Thrall is more of a happenstance and not something to actively look for.
  • Working togheter with one other person will help you haul more resources. Even if it is a thrall, Cannibals still work against the thrall if summoned at your location. The worst case is that you died with the thrall also dead, which is not so bad.
  • Throwing your ice pick down for the other person to use and climb is optimal fun teamwork!
  • Thralls will have a harder time stopping you if explorers are effecient enough, and will have to start doing risky and revealing tactics.

With good explorers, suddenly, playing as a thrall will be more fun and more tactical. New players struggle hard as explorers so I wish this guide helped you in any way.

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