Dream Cycle – How to Climb

There are ladders in the game and often there are enemies, notes and chests way out of reach above you, and you don’t know how to reach them? Then read this guide.

Guide to Climbing and Ladders

The answer is jump and jump again. The second time you jump you will continue your velocity in s straight line. So the sooner you press jump the second time, basically, the higher you will tend to go. That’s how you can aim your trajectory.

Levitate up and try to find any small ledge for Morgan to climb up, or stand on to keep going up.

Additionally if Morgan Vaults and you jump again during the vault you get a boosted launch, which again you’d want to follow with a second press of the jump to turn it into a levitate.

Its best to practice this not in a really hard hole though!

Written by mechabadger

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